sd 32 update

Dependencies:   FreescaleIAP mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of COM_MNG_TMTC_SIMPLE by Shreesha S


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
72:7460872eef79 2016-01-19 pradeepvk2208 sd update 32 default tip
71:9193fbdaa3e1 2016-01-19 krishanprajapat Modification of CDMS_sd.h required
70:c4a9b78d1c89 2016-01-14 krishanprajapat 14 jan just a copy
69:20f09a0c3fd2 2016-01-17 aniruddhv Integrated shubham's changes
68:56849cc619ca 2016-01-17 sukhdeep science thread included with new sd card functions ......removing old sdcard header file is left and initialization of sd card is left.
67:4819b5f28285 2016-01-17 sukhdeep cdms new functions not intigrated version1.1;
66:b16730dfafd2 2016-01-17 ee12b079 APS tested with this revision, to be integrated with main branch
65:26902a48c4e2 2016-01-17 ee12b079 APS tested with this code for all 4 cases, crc matching, delay added
64:e4baf8797f41 2016-01-16 ee12b079 not working integrated with adf and com mng tmttc
63:4d13680673bc 2016-01-16 ee12b079 crc in snd_tm corected from 16 to 8, delay is increased
62:959927f89eba 2016-01-15 ee12b079 Works for bypass adf, have to test with adf for aps
61:15a5dfe84945 2016-01-15 ee12b079 Bypassing adf works, but crc failed is shows up for short tc headers
60:768056b558b2 2016-01-15 ee12b079 testing in progress
59:29a37f943ba6 2016-01-15 ee12b079 Printing OBOSC TM, testing left, use revision 56 for other testings
58:5c59f28620bc 2016-01-15 aniruddhv Modified execute_obosc_only, OBSRS
57:bf998cb2a104 2016-01-15 ee12b079 Made changes for printing type1 and type0 tm frames in snd_tm. This is for bypassing adf and sending directly to APS.
56:a88e16f6c18e 2016-01-14 aniruddhv Modified pins, reset_all
55:39e59903bc3a 2016-01-14 ee12b079 Incomplete, use revision 53 for integrating or testing
54:199040d70b17 2016-01-14 ee12b079 APS_TC checked, commenting irrelant print statements for testing APS_TM bypassing adf
53:18db568f1098 2016-01-14 ee12b079 Integrated overall changes, to be tested...
52:0bd68655c651 2016-01-14 aniruddhv Merged with Shubham's code
51:da85d84768e2 2016-01-12 aniruddhv Modified reset_all OBOSC, Included OBSRS last_tm
50:7e4aa9f82e05 2016-01-13 Shashank7906 Added the null assignments in the integrated code, to be tested.
49:1103da5a87f5 2016-01-13 Shashank7906 Added the null assignments before returning the tm_ptr
48:18919bb88fa1 2016-01-12 shreeshas95 RX1M integrated. gives output as TC list complete for 32 random telecommands
47:5660bd20b146 2016-01-11 ee12b079 Integrated the overall changes except anirudh's, might give errors; Integrated CDMS codes and corrected SND_TM
46:8a85dab29a40 2016-01-09 ee12b079 Changed the type1_frame...change this in all versions, ; integrating with MCS
45:4c10559cd886 2016-01-09 aniruddhv Update exec_status of OBOSC in ACK_L1
44:b9b067d0559f 2016-01-09 rohit3342 ACK_L1 during TCL_ABORTED
43:4bc440bbad2f 2016-01-09 Shashank7906 Removed unnecessary intances of tm_pointer in the cases of RLY_TMTC
42:b7a4aac53314 2016-01-09 Shashank7906 Removed unwanted braces
41:7e06018f6a1c 2016-01-09 Shashank7906 Removed unwanted braces in RLY_TMTC
40:51b9e5540992 2016-01-09 Shashank7906 changes done for testing;
39:a41468817921 2016-01-09 Shashank7906 Corrected RLY_TMTC Code and integrating with mcs for tm;
38:ce72cc56b85d 2016-01-07 Shashank7906 initial commit;
37:c9a739750806 2016-01-09 aniruddhv Modified Execute_OBOSC, gsCODEver, execute_tc
36:d1424f871de1 2016-01-08 ee12b079 Commented RLY_TMTC for cheking RAM;
35:3beac900a034 2016-01-07 ee12b079 Relay_tmtc function, i2c.h, Flash.h, cdms_rtc.h added to the code, giving no errors. To be tested with CDMS TCs.
34:f0b518523381 2016-01-06 ee12b079 Integrated recent changes from COM_MNG_TMTC with latest snd_tmand adf.h added.
33:8f5a4ce4ba4a 2016-01-06 ee12b079 Integrated basic adf code, send_tm.h
32:325359eb8d5c 2016-01-04 ee12b079 corrected bug in segment_r
31:470cfff32c3c 2016-01-04 ee12b079 Change done : bug in segment_r corrected
30:154938956d89 2016-01-03 ee12b079 XORING implemented ... data matching exactly
29:f4c59f7285a2 2016-01-03 ee12b079 Working for type1 ... checking for type0; Exoring left;
28:cd3212fe5643 2016-01-03 ee12b079 data partially matching for stand alone code as well
27:f408ea06fcab 2016-01-03 ee12b079 Data partially matching for power_tm
26:5fbb71ac7127 2016-01-02 ee12b079 Working_code for power head tm
25:60964ad4f13b 2016-01-02 ee12b079 TM receiving incorrectly from power_tm, TM near SEND DATA TO GS not receiving
24:55cd06f4a534 2016-01-01 ee12b079 Changes made for testing ADF
23:c89376564196 2016-01-06 rohit3342 Removed debugging printf statements. Modified apid check-values for OBOSC and OBSRS. Modified TC_EXEC status for disabled and retry.
22:5febef18443d 2016-01-05 aniruddhv Included Debugging printf
21:d7f6c28707d8 2016-01-05 aniruddhv Commented print statements for execute_tc
20:0e856afd1cf1 2016-01-01 ee12b079 Not_working use previous versions; Changed the loop , irq detecting, segments detected at gs
19:27e5f2edaf26 2016-01-01 krishanprajapat Not_working.. to be debugged; For further testings, use previous revision
18:f87a5b919d60 2016-01-01 krishanprajapat with ticker functions # defined
17:6eb9387f1fb8 2016-01-01 shreeshas95 testing Rtos timer in adf interrupt
16:538de1b20b3a 2015-12-31 rohit3342 Changes made during GS integration
15:1c1ca992b43b 2015-12-31 shreeshas95 printing telecommands to the serial port,; not transmitting via adf
14:08c2c887ea09 2015-12-31 aniruddhv modified detect_ack()
13:615e842073dd 2015-12-31 aniruddhv Merged with rohit's change and print statements removed