Test program with the RT black boxes

Dependencies:   mbed


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
43:a577f752dd7a 9 months ago pmic Add new instantiation option to surpress the printout for rt mbed default tip
42:21ed10c8f634 9 months ago pmic First try change to float
41:6340df58fdc9 9 months ago pmic Change Tsweep
40:711929f5c2a8 9 months ago pmic Removed unused variables
39:590aa4d162da 9 months ago pmic Delivers same results.
38:6d168d4a5238 9 months ago pmic Apply changes for gpa measurement with black-box system
37:352bacb64f3f 9 months ago pmic First version with typedef struct GPADATA
36:7b78426ea107 10 months ago pmic change basic stuff for demo Otto and Rene
35:009a1efb5e82 12 months ago pmic Add new default nstantiate option
34:faa89845b641 13 months ago pmic finish enhancements
33:4de33aa9bc86 13 months ago pmic commit latest update gpa testing exc at in 1 (ref. sig.) or at in2 (contr. sig.);
32:fa6f06c776be 13 months ago pmic check gpa with first implementation (float) without Tstart and Tsweep
31:b78b299c248b 13 months ago pmic commit before double check gpa;
30:48b233b596b8 13 months ago pmic introduce sweep between the discrete frequency points
29:f24c48ea8f1c 13 months ago pmic remove hann window
28:f1e7a69b51ae 14 months ago pmic introduce prbs and gpa measurement in main, with the GPA hann window is something wrong, further investigation necessary
27:fe807559476c 14 months ago pmic First Setup for OL GPA measurement
26:017198f20b5c 16 months ago pmic correct initiation
25:13af44aeabbd 16 months ago pmic add comment
24:308f40175b27 16 months ago pmic introduce hann windowing
23:1d24b1033371 21 months ago pmic update PRBS comment
22:cef093edb441 21 months ago altb - changed LinCharacteristics parametrisation; - changed Prefilter and K-gain according cuboid Lab FS2018
21:b3c07ac9b9ed 21 months ago pmic first steps implementation prbs
20:1d5e89b2f22e 22 months ago pmic correct new functinality
19:27ae2ce2e302 22 months ago pmic extend gpa with instantiate option 3: (for an arbitary but sorted frequency grid measurement)
18:a715b1674b67 22 months ago pmic extend gpa with instantiate option 2: (for a second, refined frequency grid measurement)
17:802aede7b90e 22 months ago pmic set main to balance mode (for futur use)
16:1e8a2a167eaf 22 months ago pmic simulation have shown that gpa should be calculated in double prescision
15:ed33be6f040e 22 months ago pmic clean code in main and set parameters so that the system perfomes a gpa measurement
14:164daac9c9d2 22 months ago pmic correct help
13:a308f5e6c306 23 months ago pmic implement swing down logic (it is a bit a mess, but it is working)
12:6287235b2570 23 months ago pmic change filter and difffilter to double
11:ed2638662dfa 23 months ago pmic corrected the usage of gpa in main and corrected class help in GPS.cpp
10:a28f393c6716 23 months ago pmic introduce updated classes, e.g. double prescision integral controler in biquad formulation
9:30ee1d386a1d 23 months ago pmic ups... forgot to comments something out
8:d68e177e2571 23 months ago pmic one day investigation in bugfixing of the hole software etc. for "austellung 23.03.2018", velocity still not zero while standing, still initial controller from stdl->altb->pmic, an other controller should be developed
7:87b823282bf0 23 months ago pmic bug corrected
6:da0c9587ecae 23 months ago pmic introducing GPA.cpp and GPA.h
5:d6c7ccbbce78 23 months ago pmic basic extentions and corrections which where used for the psuechstag
4:6457d61fd234 24 months ago pmic corrected current caracteristics for full range
3:a951d699878b 24 months ago altb corrected comments concerning IOs
2:252a61a7e8f9 24 months ago altb Cuboid with strong values
1:2e118d67eeae 2018-01-10 rtlabor test 1
0:15be70d21d7c 2018-01-10 rtlabor balance cuboid