PAT9125 on K64F

Dependencies:   pat9125_mbed mbed


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
17:0d9ac0e24d76 2018-02-21 pixus_mbed PAT9125 on K64F Branch_nRF51 tip
16:91038c47f90c 2018-02-01 pixus_mbed Merge pixart_lcm to pat9125_mbed. Branch_nRF51
15:bf9774a5162c 2017-10-20 pixus_mbed Use pixart_lcm & pat9125_mbed libraries. Branch_nRF51
14:b6d9f03435ab 2017-10-20 pixus_mbed Merge KL46Z Branch_nRF51
13:1efc192be0f5 2017-10-20 pixus_mbed Call serialEvent() in pat9125_mbed::task(). Branch_nRF51
12:fa2d203f9ddf 2017-10-20 Added tag K64F for changeset 29053223499c Branch_nRF51
11:29053223499c 2017-10-20 pixus_mbed For FRDM-K64F Branch_nRF51 K64F
10:ccb7b47e31c3 2017-10-20 Added tag L476RG for changeset 53b4b362cbb8 default
9:53b4b362cbb8 2017-10-20 pixus_mbed For NUCLEO-L476RG L476RG
8:d629249764a1 2017-10-18 Added tag KL46Z for changeset 1cd61816c013
7:33b11ca05eec 2017-10-18 Removed tag FRDM-KL64Z
6:aa24e257deab 2017-10-18 Added tag nRF51 for changeset 61318505e528
5:61318505e528 2017-10-18 pixus_mbed Support UART command mode. nRF51
4:1cd61816c013 2017-10-18 pixus_mbed Support UART command mode. Branch_nRF51 KL46Z
3:cd3762bea4b1 2017-10-17 Added tag FRDM-KL64Z for changeset 4fb710ae08dd
2:4fb710ae08dd 2017-10-17 pixus_mbed For FRDM-KL64Z. Branch_nRF51
1:73967d37f487 2017-10-17 pixus_mbed No default sda and scl pins for pat9125_i2c. ; Always configure sda/scl pins from caller.
0:411244c71423 2017-10-03 pixus_mbed 1st version : OTS, LCM and Serial output are work.