Nordic stack and drivers for the mbed BLE API

Dependents:   idd_hw5_bleFanProto

Fork of nRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
70:c36c550b7208 2014-11-06 pgao asdf default tip
69:61da91a52bd6 2014-11-04 Rohit Grover Release 0.2.2
68:936d81c963fe 2014-09-26 Rohit Grover Release 0.2.1
67:e6cc149033a6 2014-09-23 Rohit Grover raising BLE_TOTAL_CHARACTERISTICS to 24; we're beginning to see services like Device-Information which add several characteristics
66:b3680699d9a4 2014-09-22 Rohit Grover Release 0.2.0
65:98215c4f3a25 2014-09-08 Rohit Grover Release 0.1.3
64:5d5f5cbc7c79 2014-09-08 rgrover1 Merge pull request from YiHui
63:708b23889028 2014-08-31 yihui fix 'impossible constraint in asm' error for gcc toolchain
62:a022be4c545d 2014-09-08 rgrover1 Minor improvement to Tsuboi San's pull request.
61:d0158c65d0d7 2014-09-06 ytsuboi add ifdef for HRM1017 to choose IRC on btle.cpp
60:e861f2041469 2014-09-02 Rohit Grover Release 0.1.2: Minor bugfix release.
59:2819e564b613 2014-09-02 Rohit Grover Release 0.1.1
58:de6b64cd7f21 2014-09-02 Rohit Grover Release 0.1.0
57:2aa01a5008ac 2014-09-02 Rohit Grover resolve merge
56:a1071b629aa3 2014-09-02 Rohit Grover Release 0.1.0
55:9689ec201907 2014-08-29 carlescufi Move value attribute as member of the char class
54:e2294c844c83 2014-08-28 carlescufi Add support for adding descriptors
53:1e5c300cec7f 2014-07-25 Rohit Grover move constants for appearance and UUIDs out to blecommon.h
52:120bd37b9d0d 2014-07-24 Rohit Grover implement APIs for get/setDeviceName(), get/setAppearance(), getVersion(), and setTxPower()
51:63ba3bcf5cd6 2014-07-23 Rohit Grover remove include of mbed.h from softdevice_handler.cpp
50:d788c5ff95db 2014-07-23 Rohit Grover remove include of nrf.h from app_button.h
49:c941433e0eb0 2014-07-23 Rohit Grover add __cplusplus guards to allow certain header files to be included from C sources.
48:895748db3357 2014-07-21 Rohit Grover add __cplusplus guard to pstorage.h
47:db25ca6ed092 2014-07-16 Rohit Grover introduce nrf_delay.h; borrowed from the Nordic SDK
46:2bfbbe290083 2014-07-16 Rohit Grover get some more app_common ancillary sources from the Nordic SDK
45:3c4df37ed83e 2014-07-16 Rohit Grover add cplusplus guards for the cases where C files include the headers
44:47da5c62e067 2014-07-11 Rohit Grover changes required to implement APIs for connection parameters
43:e1d294ed29c4 2014-07-11 Rohit Grover no need to include nrf.h
42:120a96d10f90 2014-07-11 Rohit Grover white space diffs
41:6e66cd970659 2014-07-10 Rohit Grover connection and disconnection callbacks need to take a connection handle
40:1cb3707fa798 2014-07-10 Rohit Grover white space diffs
39:d52a28e1fa80 2014-07-08 Rohit Grover handle BLE_GATTS_EVT_SYS_ATTR_MISSING in nRFGattServer::hwCallback()
38:dc4d0edf9bb9 2014-07-08 Rohit Grover minor improvement to nRFGattServer::updateValue() for the case where local is set to true
37:c29c330d942c 2014-07-07 Rohit Grover changes required to upgrade to V7 of the soft-device
36:bd0186ce644a 2014-07-03 Rohit Grover trigger onDataSent() for BLE_EVT_TX_COMPLETE
35:7174913c9d67 2014-06-27 Rohit Grover undoing some negative effects of a previous use of uncrustify; mostly cosmetic
34:48d24b1d2fe6 2014-06-27 Rohit Grover remove comment headers in some cases; minor fixes to comments
33:8efbbf54b66f 2014-06-26 Rohit Grover disabling the persistent storage module; will be re-enabled as necessary
32:84dea0924a63 2014-06-26 Rohit Grover disabling the bond-manager module; will be re-enabled as necessary
31:c3ce6ee5d300 2014-06-13 Rohit Grover GattServer::readValue() should return the length of data read
30:85305292b44f 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover introduce some sanity checks before adding a characteristic's value to BLE stack
29:cee837a465a1 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover make use of GattService::setHandle()
28:fdc1a88a80c8 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover addService() should automatically set the initial values for characteristics
27:2a1c1825b7be 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover rename GattCharacteristic::minLength to ::initialLength
26:dade7d2857b4 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover Set CFG_DEBUG to 1 to stop ASSERT_MESSAGE() from calling printf.
25:a1c356620131 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover reverting to BLEDevice (from BLEPeripheral)
24:3444ee6fd548 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover rename BLEDevice to BLEPeripheral
23:cdab28442479 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover add waitForEvent() to the nRF transport
22:c6ee8136847e 2014-06-09 Rohit Grover slowly switching to astyle code formatting as recommended by the team
21:84599842b5fb 2014-06-06 Rohit Grover white space changes to move away from 80-column rule
20:b4f64efaaa2c 2014-06-05 Rohit Grover use GattServer accessors
19:c5b5cb65cc6f 2014-06-05 Rohit Grover white space diffs
18:465e0419c178 2014-06-05 Rohit Grover switch to using LongUUID_t and ShortUUID_t
17:c3e11bb6cb72 2014-06-04 Rohit Grover white space diffs; uncrustify
16:d8161e2af6c6 2014-05-30 Rohit Grover reset() should be called automatically by init()
15:11b0c15979d1 2014-05-30 Rohit Grover update the comment header about the UUID table.
14:5ca08f962e4f 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover use accessors for GattCharacteristic
13:b8251438f5c4 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover using accessor methods for members of UUID
12:e151f55035b8 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover rename to convert_to_nordic_uuid()
11:6277845e1cc5 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover serviceIDs should also go through the UUIDTable