streo mp3 player see:

Dependencies:   FatFileSystemCpp I2SSlave TLV320 mbed

Fork of madplayer by Andreas Grün


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5:50015f4868e2 2013-07-26 okini3939 fix default tip
4:30b2cf4a8ee2 2012-12-19 okini3939 fix
3:6f07b5f52c38 2012-12-19 okini3939 1st build;
2:f28cf0afd021 2010-11-27 Gruenfrosch Version 3:
1:7c923cbe9f1d 2010-11-26 Gruenfrosch Fixed the last warning
0:7627c79db971 2010-11-26 Gruenfrosch First Version