HelloWorld program for PCA9547: an I2C bus multiplexer control library. PCA9547 is an I2C multiplexer which enables to select 1:8 multiplexed I2C bus. The multiplexer is useful for deviding I2C bus to avoiding slave address conflict and separating capacitive loads. For more information about PCA9547: http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/PCA9547.pdf

Dependencies:   LM75B PCA9547 mbed

What is this?

This is a sample code to demonstrate the PCA9547. The PCA9547 is a 8 channel multiplexer for I2C bus.
The code shows how the bed can access the I2C device (LM75B) through PCA9547.

Demo hardware block diagram

Connection between mbed and PCA9547


For more information, please visit component page.

The PCA9547 is an octal bidirectional translating multiplexer controlled by the I2C-bus. The SCL/SDA upstream pair fans out to eight downstream pairs, or channels.

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disable function test

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okano 0:fb906b7b1452 1 #include "mbed.h"
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 2 #include "LM75B.h"
okano 1:63d8f8d68f61 3 #include "PCA9547.h"
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 4
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 5 int main()
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 6 {
okano 1:63d8f8d68f61 7 PCA9547 mux( p28, p27, 0xE0 );
okano 1:63d8f8d68f61 8
okano 1:63d8f8d68f61 9 mux.select( 0 );
okano 2:63d9012f8c01 10 mux.disable( );
okano 1:63d8f8d68f61 11
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 12 LM75B tmp0( p28, p27 ); // making instance after a branch of I2C bus (which is connecting the LM75B) enabled
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 13
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 14 while(1) {
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 15 printf( "%.3f\r\n", tmp0.read() );
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 16 wait( 1.0 );
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 17 }
okano 0:fb906b7b1452 18 }