Unipolar stepper motor operation library

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Unipolar stepper motor library

This library generates pulses on 4 digital output pins of the mbed. The pulses are generated by mbed's ticker function.

The mbed pins cannot drive the stepper motor directly. So it requires driver stage for the motor. The circuit may be like following diagram.
The driver stage should be chosen by requirement for the stepper motor.


The mbed generates pulses on 4 output pins for external driver stage.
This library can generate 3 types of pulses.

1 phase drive (wave drive) /media/uploads/okano/1phase_drive.gif

2 phase drive /media/uploads/okano/2phase_drive.gif

1-2 phase (half step) drive /media/uploads/okano/halfstep_drive.gif

Components pages

Components pages are available for bipolar and unipolar motor libraries

A bipolar stepper motor driving pulse generator

A unipolar stepper motor driving pulse generator

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