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20:efe7e291422b 2015-11-10 ohneta modified syntax error. default tip
19:d9fe92a1741d 2015-08-29 sam_grove Remove the const qualifier
18:dd05ebdd2546 2015-08-29 sam_grove Add support for Ethernet based connections
17:412be55c4ee8 2015-07-26 sam_grove Updates
16:658d4943c753 2015-07-26 sam_grove update includes, comments and pass type
15:e657a90d9511 2015-07-22 sarahmarshy Updating
14:9e1bd182ef07 2015-07-22 bridadan Adding handle to SocketInterface and updating map key type
13:f84e69b3fdd3 2015-07-17 sarahmarshy Removed const identifiers
12:ab3679eb4d9d 2015-07-16 sam_grove Update comments
11:47c32687a44c 2015-07-15 bridadan Moved underscored_functions to camelCase, added allocate/deallocate socket functions, added data structures to keep track of multiple sockets.
10:50b0a3f840df 2015-07-15 sam_grove Spacing update
9:26b257519de9 2015-06-18 sam_grove change socket->connect to socket->open
8:4b7f97a5597b 2015-06-17 sam_grove Updates to socket base classes. still needs a little work
7:b147c08301be 2015-06-17 sam_grove Create WiFi base with connection parameters
6:7437289cb2e9 2015-06-01 made all functions pure virtual
5:fa54ca1af2cd 2015-06-01 moved technology specific implementation to technology specific interface (ie moved security for wifi and ssid/passphrase connect function to the wifi_interface example instead of in the virtual base class
4:f09f0932db4a 2015-05-31 added WEP and WPA security types.
3:167dd63981b6 2015-05-28 sam_grove Update API and force const correctness
2:ce08986b18b5 2015-05-19 bridadan Added some SocketInterface functions and docs
1:291a9d61e58a 2015-05-14 bridadan Initial commit
0:d35446f60233 2015-05-11 sam_grove Initial commit