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Dependencies:   ESP8266

Dependents:   HelloESP8266Interface_mine

Fork of ESP8266Interface by NetworkSocketAPI


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33:dcc7d9bd1ae2 2015-11-11 ohneta modiried by ohneta default tip
32:1d16668d116c 2015-11-11 ohneta fixed ESP8266Interface::disconnect()
31:f0ce2c37fb7a 2015-11-11 ohneta clean
30:fd77d067f5ab 2015-11-10 ohneta for AT_V0.50/SDK_V1.4.0 ; modified to work normally
29:f2ae8f47729b 2015-08-27 sarahmarshy DnsQuery Structrue Change
28:6426873b21bd 2015-08-13 bridadan Removing printf
27:eaeecaaae611 2015-08-05 sarahmarshy DNS support revised. Timeouts set properly.
26:6e36dd3cec3f 2015-07-27 sarahmarshy Merge
25:91c4e9d34b77 2015-07-27 sarahmarshy DnsQuery support
24:37504440f296 2015-07-26 sam_grove Updates
23:fd0f3197c30b 2015-07-23 sarahmarshy Moved AT commands to driver
22:312453862371 2015-07-22 sarahmarshy Updated socket internals. Implemented getHandle function in ESP8266.
21:2400f429ec6b 2015-07-21 sarahmarshy Moving to ESP8266 driver
20:5d0762aa4680 2015-07-21 sarahmarshy Fixed getIPAddress
19:783c46b13285 2015-07-21 sarahmarshy Working receive comman
18:9fc7976c7b27 2015-07-17 sarahmarshy ESP8266 driver implemented on top of NetworkSocketAPI
17:c3f4095337b8 2015-07-16 sam_grove Update includes
16:b2f781416464 2015-07-15 bridadan Moved some underscored_functions to camelCase, added functions and data structures to prepare for multiple sockets, added ATParser dependency
15:d29439d50306 2015-06-18 sam_grove change wifi-connect to wifi-open
14:55e8928e5788 2015-06-17 sam_grove delete separate socket folder. this is now part of the interface. next change will be making driver a folder i think but possibly could be convinced otherwise
13:0186e9e35a24 2015-06-17 sam_grove add socket implementations
12:8db9b116cf76 2015-06-17 sam_grove Updating comments
11:288c15b80a26 2015-06-17 sam_grove renaming again
10:80ece8d5aa2d 2015-06-17 sam_grove Giving it a name. Being abstract was making thing confusing
9:8c7a42277b0e 2015-06-01 added socket implementation to wifi interface
8:c462815787f5 2015-06-01 removed f1.txt
7:9c56e0d94d7b 2015-06-01 moved wifi specific stuff from virtual base class to wifi_interface
6:c14f777101e0 2015-06-01 updated reference to driverlib pointer
5:72561d7c6f65 2015-05-31 added #include for hte hwnamedriver.h file since the interface .c file will have to call the funcitons in the hw driver to impliment its functions.
4:323f42baa75a 2015-05-28 sam_grove Update driver library error
3:4d5d60de745a 2015-05-28 sam_grove Update driver library
2:87009183eb2e 2015-05-13 sam_grove Added files for interface
1:c2d1f4ece00d 2015-05-11 sam_grove Initial commit
0:35ee90b1f699 2015-05-11 sam_grove Initial commit