this is using the mbed os version 5-13-1

Dependencies:   mbed-http


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129:590bdc2dcf5b 2019-07-19 ocomeni Implementation of Access token acquisition; 1. make request with credentials - DONE; 2. get response - DONE; 3. extract Id and refresh tokens from response - DONE; 4. integrate with code - DONE; Testing ongoing PassingRegression tip
128:3a641aaad2d9 2019-07-19 ocomeni Working version; - access token implemented; PassingRegression
127:a21788227ca6 2019-07-15 ocomeni started coding of access token acquisition:; 1. make request with credentials - DONE; 2. get response - DONE; 3. extract Id and refresh tokens from response - DONE; 4. integrate with code - pending; 5. test - pending PassingRegression
126:9bc33f8b57d5 2019-07-07 ocomeni added some initial error handling:; - on an mbed os crash, the system now resets.; currently testing PassingRegression
125:d2830421006c 2019-06-20 ocomeni currently failing PassingRegression
124:eae4512b131b 2019-06-15 ocomeni new features now tested. PassingRegression
123:a49e9ffbaca6 2019-06-14 ocomeni Implemented the following features:; 1. FW version; 2. BLE MAC address; 3. BLE name; 4. WiFi MAC address; Not fully tested PassingRegression
122:62166886db5f 2019-06-11 ocomeni added error handling for Cloud connection keep alive PassingRegression
121:ac4f59839e4f 2019-06-01 ocomeni - BLE AT commands and responses implemented; - configuration storage implemented; - configuration delete implemented; - factory reset implemented; BLE connection with Box tested ok so far. PassingRegression
120:779b74689747 2019-05-27 ocomeni - progressed implementation of AT/BLE commands; - started basic testing; - sending short strings from BLE works ok PassingRegression
119:8d939a902333 2019-05-27 ocomeni - implemented cloud connection keep-alive mechanism; - implemented BLE manager state machine for processing messages from radio RX and AT commands.; this version passes end-2-end testing PassingRegression
118:8df0e9c2ee3f 2019-05-25 ocomeni - fixed memory leak bug with ATCMD manager; - added BLE memory pool and queues and connected up to main, BLE manager and ATCMD; - code compiling; - python test passing PassingRegression
117:8fd05113efc1 2019-05-19 ocomeni Added Non-Volatile storage support. Default configuration now saved in NVStore.; Verified on python platform. PassingRegression
116:2296cf274661 2019-05-19 ocomeni refactoring main, atcmd, BLE and WiFi. added data structures into main and replaced values with references in main. tested and works. PassingRegression
115:8054dbadfaa0 2019-05-19 ocomeni refactored main program so BLE and WIFI manager not automatically started unless defines are set.; Tested on python platform and working ok. Need some more testing for stability. PassingRegression
114:b11bb96c09f3 2019-05-18 ocomeni main program refactored:; 1. only atcmd manager started by default; 2. added state in main to allow ATCMD to trigger enabling BLE and WiFi; 3. added main.h to expose trigger functions to ATCMD; 4. added triggers to ATCMD; ; Testing not yet done. PassingRegression
113:888e262ff0a9 2019-05-18 ocomeni BLE now working at startup. PassingRegression
112:a0999ea4ece0 2019-05-11 ocomeni first pass code cleanup PassingRegression
111:3ab1d9644835 2019-05-10 ocomeni latest https code PassingRegression
110:c722dda4f2ff 2019-05-09 ocomeni added fix for case where no response is received to HTTPS request. PassingRegression
109:c274780ff609 2019-05-08 ocomeni 1. updated HTTP packet state to monitor for multiple packets; 2. fixed bug causing crash (was canceling an active task on event queue); 2. updates to watchdog. added ticker.; PassingRegression
108:3c8fb2c6e7bf 2019-05-06 ocomeni this version is passing regression PassingRegression
107:f1a83fd41b17 2019-05-06 ocomeni now succefully sending and responsing to Box cloud message up till BLE ID and OTP request PassingRegression
106:e1f04c3d0647 2019-05-06 ocomeni latest version - still issues with TLS connection PassingRegression
105:e5ce023eee93 2019-05-06 ocomeni still having issues - put defines around much of the verbose comments PassingRegression
104:11e9605093c9 2019-05-05 ocomeni still having issues with http request not returning default
103:7b566b522427 2019-05-02 ocomeni reached cloud hello message in box comms sequence
102:9748f290a1a5 2019-04-24 ocomeni added fix for response header issue.; passing regression tests.; known issue:; - UDDRP response incomplete
101:1cfd468e5009 2019-04-22 ocomeni stable version - now passing regression.; - known issues; 1. response message header not received with first payload.; 2. UDDRP command response is incomplete
100:80ef4bc31b7a 2019-04-22 ocomeni added support for the following response:; - AT_EVENT; - CONNECT_EVENT
99:05398b3184f8 2019-04-22 ocomeni failing at internet url configuration and verification.
98:65c2333a38b6 2019-04-21 ocomeni now working with to stage of 3 tries of hello msg
97:0aa46e5ef15d 2019-04-19 ocomeni cloud messages regression now passing.
96:f5ed273881af 2019-04-19 ocomeni response instability issues resolved. ; Able to run 10 consecutive hello cloud requests.
95:290859010c8c 2019-04-17 ocomeni response format for the following command implemented:; - AT+UWSCA; - AT+UNSTAT=0; - AT+UWSSTAT
94:fb4414aff957 2019-04-14 ocomeni working version - now passes python test.
93:06e755a80187 2019-04-14 ocomeni fixed bug with wifi configuration API (was adding an extra character causing wifi connection to fail because of incorrect credentials)
92:ec9550034276 2019-04-13 ocomeni implemented DEFINE switch to resolve mbed memory pool allocation failure
91:d6b6319ad681 2019-04-07 ocomeni added method to handle sending expected command response strings
90:ed0267eca7b5 2019-04-07 ocomeni https response format implemented and tested
89:45f6db09a76d 2019-04-01 ocomeni download working ok. still need to fix memory leak.
88:7ffa053be662 2019-03-31 ocomeni tls connection now working.
87:99b37d26ff2a 2019-03-29 ocomeni http/https request and response implemented
86:04fc2fcda7ec 2019-03-28 ocomeni http request correctly passed to WifiManager
85:9f896e1e041c 2019-03-28 ocomeni http request getting to wifi manager
84:7c7add00f4bf 2019-03-28 ocomeni internet configuration issues fixed.
83:9c271a50a70b 2019-03-26 ocomeni implemented parser for header
82:10072c1794d3 2019-03-24 ocomeni wifi configuration setup implemented
81:637a87eb8170 2019-03-23 ocomeni first data queue/dequeue implemented for internet configuration.
80:e8f0e92e3ac9 2019-03-21 ocomeni implemented queue and memory pools for command and data passing between ATCmdManager and WiFiManager classes
79:a2187bbfa407 2019-03-20 ocomeni now have working mechanism for comms between threads using memory pool and queue.; Next stage expand this for data.
78:07bb86e3ce14 2019-03-16 ocomeni Main Manager class constructors and configuration structures implemented.
77:0b505d1e15f4 2019-03-15 ocomeni BLE & ATCmdManager working concurrently
76:6afda865fbf8 2019-03-15 ocomeni secure BLE with Uart now working.
75:08eff6258e1b 2019-03-14 ocomeni Ble Security example now working!
74:f26e846adfe9 2019-03-10 ocomeni ATCmdManager now instaltiates ok
73:6f5021cbe752 2019-02-28 ocomeni commit current application code
72:b36a60f4b290 2018-11-16 mbed_official Merge pull request #192 from paul-szczepanek-arm/update-libs
71:112875e67b65 2018-11-07 mbed_official Merge pull request #189 from ARMmbed/donatieng-patch-1
70:efd6bb972dc4 2018-10-22 mbed_official Merge pull request #187 from cmonr/master