mini board PCU9669 (and PCA9665) sample code

Dependencies:   mbed PCU9669 utility PCA9665 I2C_slaves parallel_bus

Fork of mini_board_PCU9669_old by InetrfaceProducts NXP

Sample code for PCU9669 (PCU9661, PCA9663, PCA9661 and PCA9665) evaluation board.

PCU9669 evaluation board: Mini board PCU9669
User manual is available ->



File content as of revision 20:2b9eaa43cfac:

/** A sample code for "mini board PCU9669/PCA9665"
 *  @author  Akifumi (Tedd) OKANO, NXP Semiconductors
 *  @version 1.0
 *  @date    26-Mar-2012
 *  Released under the MIT License:
 *  An operation sample of PCU9669/PCA9665 I2C bus controller.
 *  The mbed accesses the bus controller's parallel port (8/2 bit address and 8 bit data) by bit-banging.
 *  The bit-banging is poerformed by PortInOut function of mbed library.
 *    To make the code porting easier, all codes are partitioned into layers to abstract other parts.
 *    The mbed specific parts are concentrated in lowest layer: "hardware_abs.*".
 *    This module may need to be modified for the porting.
 *    All other upper layers are writen in standard-C.
 *    base code is written from 05-Sep-2011 to 09-Sep-2011.
 *    And demo code has been build on 11-Sep-2011.
 *    Debug and code adjustment has been done on 08-Sep-2011.
 *    Small sanitization for main.cpp. All mbed related codes are moved in to "hardware_abs.*". 13-Oct-2011
 *    hardware_abs are moved into parallel_bus library folder, 3 LED driver operation sample 13-Feb.-2012
 *    PCU9669 and PCA9665 codes are packed in a project 14-Feb-2012. 
 *    Before builidng the code, please edit the file mini_board_PCU9669/config.h
 *    Un-comment the target name what you want to target. 

#define     CODE_FOR_PCU9669
//#define     CODE_FOR_PCA9663
//#define     CODE_FOR_PCA9665