IM920地温観測システム CQ 2017ARMセミナー用サンプルプログラム

Dependencies:   C027_Support_ForIM920

Fork of C027_SupportTest by u-blox


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
36:b89a6e114339 2017-07-13 ntaka206 IM920????????; CQ 2017ARM?????????????? default tip
35:7838543282c2 2017-07-13 ntaka206 ???????commit
34:1cbf923d4ca7 2017-07-09 ntaka206 Initial IM920????M2X?PUT
33:e27f40fada64 2016-08-11 mazgch merged
32:b838fcaba45e 2016-08-11 mazgch .
31:a07d0f76dc81 2016-08-11 mazgch import mbed 5.1
30:062717f25e41 2015-08-21 mazgch clean-up
29:16f1037626e3 2015-11-18 msinig added cellLocate support
28:334263983fcd 2014-12-12 mazgch remove debug
27:fe3b383dd4ec 2014-12-12 mazgch update for multi GNSS parsing
26:59ed90c2efe0 2014-10-01 mazgch updated latest version of library
25:c1ee28eea1e4 2014-07-04 mazgch update dependency
24:81f5b43a6585 2014-06-12 mazgch check for >0 when reading
23:a41d67d7749b 2014-06-06 mazgch use latest library
22:078f410ef2c7 2014-06-06 mazgch no debug
21:a090a5043e23 2014-06-06 mazgch use latest lib
20:52f0e5de8c3d 2014-05-28 mazgch use latest lib
19:f022ff746eb8 2014-05-27 mazgch pull latest libs (use latest API)
18:50e6c4ed8a4a 2014-05-15 mazgch new lib
17:c293780a40ac 2014-05-14 mazgch only test large socket request on LPC1768
16:43f6de7bc38b 2014-05-14 mazgch added tests for large buffers (using our echo server)
15:ea10b6cf8c85 2014-05-13 mazgch update libs
14:ab7c8627f950 2014-05-12 mazgch pull latest lib
13:662bd1df9a72 2014-05-09 mazgch update for new native C027 platform
12:96c7b62c7aaf 2014-05-09 mazgch comments
11:b8505cbbd55c 2014-05-07 mazgch support for other platforms (using a shield)
10:d2da2028a233 2014-05-05 mazgch allow to compile on third party platforms
9:26f694bc31b4 2014-04-17 mazgch Make defines to easier change the user config.
8:681a7b36c19d 2014-04-10 mazgch fix sms parser
7:e000317ddef6 2014-04-10 mazgch use latest libarary
6:71f6214d595e 2014-04-09 mazgch improvement with CMDA
5:5366d39d3719 2014-04-09 mazgch Improved the example and use latest library
4:90ab1ec64b0e 2014-04-08 mazgch use new library improved sms processing
3:7fd34a81739a 2014-04-08 mazgch update library
2:b77151f111a9 2014-04-08 mazgch first release of example
1:46f9e36be3fa 2014-02-27 lawliet version 1.3 (update with GPRSInterface library)
0:4e3cb26f6019 2014-02-25 lawliet Initial Version Of Seeed GPRS Library HelloWorld