A simple demo that directly uses BLE library to define service and characteristics

Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed nRF51822

Fork of BLE_HeartRate by Bluetooth Low Energy


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
50:4c02add9abba 2014-10-22 nebgnahz use random generated UUID from http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/asn1/uuid.html default tip
49:14b2df099dfc 2014-10-22 nebgnahz style fix
48:908b4ec086ba 2014-10-22 nebgnahz a simple demo
47:430545f41113 2014-09-30 rgrover1 updating the underlying libraries.
46:ee7c55907f36 2014-09-30 rgrover1 DFUService is now added automatically for DFU platforms.
45:98c5a34b07a4 2014-09-29 rgrover1 move service initialization before starting advertisements.
44:f0df248cbe78 2014-09-23 rgrover1 updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
43:dbb025ed4a55 2014-09-23 rgrover1 minor update to advertising payload; and fleshing out Device Information Service.
42:06ebef2e0e44 2014-09-22 rgrover1 updating to 0.2.0 of the BLE_API
41:9cef0129da5f 2014-09-02 rgrover1 updated underlying libraries
40:e73130c6f2bb 2014-08-22 rgrover1 white space diffs
39:6390604f904c 2014-08-22 rgrover1 Extract HeartRateService as a template to simplify the main application.
38:b2efa4f73d3a 2014-07-25 Rohit Grover merge
37:d310a72115c7 2014-07-11 Rohit Grover updated heart-rate demo to use the new connectionParams APIs
36:ea2a1b4f51c1 2014-07-11 Rohit Grover change hrm demo to do sensor polling from the main thread
35:ba3e3174331a 2014-07-11 Rohit Grover disconnectionCallback now takes a handle
34:44dc6efc0b50 2014-07-08 Rohit Grover use a declared constant for the Heart-Rate Location characteristic
33:e63df636d3b2 2014-07-08 Rohit Grover Remove a const attribute for a global variable used to initialize the location characteristic.
32:7761a83ba06d 2014-07-25 rgrover1 updating the underlying libraries.
31:380687727e63 2014-07-04 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
30:3dc9e6f2bc8c 2014-07-04 Rohit Grover remove the battery-level and device-information services
29:76d865c718a6 2014-07-04 Rohit Grover HRM demo now works with the nordic Android App (nRFToolBox)
28:bdfc8cc53f0b 2014-07-04 Rohit Grover add the battery level server to the HRM demo
27:97adf2b76b9c 2014-07-03 Rohit Grover add 16-bit UUIDs to the advertising payload; this is cosmetic
26:e6ad33b227c6 2014-07-03 Rohit Grover add deviceInformationService to the basic HRM demo
25:b3e91851d9e2 2014-06-26 rgrover1 updating to the latest of the underlying nRF51822 library.
24:4dab884e2235 2014-06-13 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
23:88a61b9d9814 2014-06-12 Rohit Grover merging updates from online IDE
22:299658c5fa3c 2014-06-12 Rohit Grover simplify demo to only contain the heart-rate service
21:1ea5a5ae55c9 2014-06-11 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
20:58bff62d0f7a 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover remove un-necessary callbacks from the demo
19:1713b11694ea 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover make use of the new GattService constructor which takes in an array of pointers to Characteristics
18:8a2e313f49cb 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover GattServer::addService() automatically sets initial value for characteristics
17:583b765af55f 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover remove an un-used global variable
16:f3361e20642d 2014-06-11 Rohit Grover minor white-space diffs having to do with coding style
15:7ba28817e31e 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover move ble_init() to the beginning of main()
14:de84386d179a 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover merge
13:3ca2045597e7 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover minor updates to comment headers
12:845161769325 2014-06-10 rgrover1 updating to the latest versions of the depending libraries.
11:1d9aafee4984 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover use a ticker to schedule a periodicCallback() instead of a busy-wait loop
10:2436164b692e 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover reverting to BLEDevice (from BLEPeripheral)
9:5d693381e883 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover make console output optional
8:49d8ee0aac11 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover remove ticker; consumes un-necessary power; also added a satic const
7:daab8ba5139e 2014-06-10 rgrover1 Update to using the latest versions of the underlying APIs and waitForEvent() to reduce power consumption.
6:3a49b577f2ae 2014-06-05 rgrover1 updating to the latest version of the underlying libraries
5:b0baff4a124f 2014-05-29 Rohit Grover use accessor methods to get handle for characteristics
4:12890f3c62eb 2014-05-21 Rohit Grover removing un-necessary nordic-specific hardware initialization from the demo
3:24e2b056d229 2014-05-21 Rohit Grover white space diffs; using uncrustify
2:bba892b1f4aa 2014-04-03 ktownsend Updated to latest core libs
1:8b26777976b8 2014-04-01 ktownsend Updated BLE_API location
0:87a7fc231fae 2014-03-31 ktownsend First commit of HRM example for the BLE API (using nRF51822 native mode drivers)