Pinscape Controller version 1 fork. This is a fork to allow for ongoing bug fixes to the original controller version, from before the major changes for the expansion board project.

Dependencies:   FastIO FastPWM SimpleDMA mbed

Fork of Pinscape_Controller by Mike R


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
68:edfecf67a931 2016-02-15 mjr Finalize USB library updates to fix compatibility problems introduced in USBHAL_KL25Z overhaul. default tip
67:4353ba51a465 2016-02-12 mjr Revert all stall handling to original mbed version - testing fixes to compatibility problem
66:cbb142cbf426 2016-02-12 mjr Remove EP0 stall BDT reset entirely - fix to compatibility problem
65:3b280c430660 2016-02-12 mjr Tweaks to EP0 stall handling - check to see if it fixes compatibility problem
64:d839d8c94950 2016-02-11 mjr USBHAL_KL25Z EP0 read tweaks
63:4d4c99ab8093 2016-02-11 mjr USBHAL_KL25Z EP0 BDT ownership tests
62:01ce5ceee7f7 2016-02-11 mjr USBHAL_KL25Z Data1 code cleanup in send/receive
61:a23a7b57bb95 2016-02-11 mjr USBHAL_KL25Z stall fixes
60:f6e32a36f6ee 2016-02-11 mjr Additional USBHAL_KL25Z ISR cleanup
59:2ef8b269f2a8 2016-02-11 mjr ISR ISTAT bit mask operation fixes and busy/suspend bit clears
58:480c2c786c71 2016-02-11 mjr Add USBHAL_KL25Z critical sections
57:20d54f25065a 2016-02-11 mjr Add USBHAL_KL25Z buffer cleanup
56:c435f370f511 2016-02-11 mjr Roll-forward #3 (superficial USBHAL_KL25Z changes)
55:e47a4b7ab348 2016-02-11 mjr Roll forward (USBHid.cpp protocol additions)
54:af65c577a563 2016-02-11 mjr Roll-forward #1 (USBDevice.cpp protocol tweaks)
53:02408ec83097 2016-02-11 mjr Full reversion to v33 baseline for all USB code - new starting point to find USB compatibility regression
52:63f0a9b45f0c 2016-02-11 mjr Convert FastAnalogIn and USBDevice libraries to folders
51:3c54b620b2fb 2016-02-11 mjr USB rollback #6 to find regression
50:cbb7412a897d 2016-02-10 mjr USB Rollback #5A (fix typo in #5)
49:fd91c028da9d 2016-02-10 mjr USB rollback #5 to find regression
48:2fdd4494263d 2016-02-10 mjr USB rollback #4 to find regression
47:9b73876d096f 2016-02-10 mjr USB change rollback #3 to find regression;
46:c4ff8daeb2b7 2016-02-09 mjr Another USB change rollback to find compatibility regression
45:3a28a06d3f22 2016-02-08 mjr Roll back some USB changes to try to identify cause of compatibility problems in recent update
44:b5ac89b9cd5d 2016-02-07 mjr Work in progress on CCD speed-ups
43:7a6364d82a41 2016-02-06 mjr Before floating point plunger ranging
42:f6f9735b67a1 2016-02-03 mjr Fixed CCD orientation sensing bug; updated to latest USBDevice library (with numerous bug fixes for improved stability)
41:cbd237fe5021 2016-02-03 mjr Fix CCD bug in sensing CCD orientation; updated to latest USBDevice library with ISR bug fixes
40:cc0d9814522b 2016-02-03 mjr Gamma correction option for outputs; work in progress on new config program
39:b3815a1c3802 2016-01-11 mjr USB fixes; accelerometer auto un-sticking with watchdog timer.
38:091e511ce8a0 2016-01-05 mjr USB improvements
37:ed52738445fc 2015-12-24 mjr Bug fixes to USB HAL
36:b9747461331e 2015-12-19 mjr Report joystick/keyboard updates immediately on change (don't wait for 15ms joystick cycle to elapse)
35:e959ffba78fd 2015-12-19 mjr Keyboard/Media Control interface working, but the extra interface confuses the DOF connector.
34:6b981a2afab7 2015-12-03 mjr 74HC595 output port extensions (for "chime board")
33:d832bcab089e 2015-10-21 mjr With expansion board 5940 "power enable" output; saving this feature, which is to be removed.
32:cbff13b98441 2015-09-26 mjr Fix config.h for release version
31:1075f5b1c6a7 2015-09-25 mjr FastIO update
30:6e9902f06f48 2015-09-25 mjr Use DMA for TLC5940 SPI transfer to reduce time interrupt handler (fixes problem with MMA8415Q freezing up). All LedWiz flashing modes now fully supported.
29:582472d0bc57 2015-09-25 mjr Test of direct bit writes instead of SPI.
28:2097c6f8f2db 2015-09-23 mjr A few more tweaks in the TLC5940 setup.
27:26de4b0917a7 2015-09-23 mjr Disable TLC5940 by default.
26:cb71c4af2912 2015-09-23 mjr Initial TLC5940 PWM controller chip support.
25:e22b88bd783a 2015-09-01 mjr Centralized the CCD pixel count setting to a single config.h option; added an option to config.h to select the board's mounting orientation for the accelerometer
24:e902bc7cdc1e 2015-06-03 mjr Restored CCD sensor as the default sensor in config.h
23:14f8c5004cd0 2015-06-03 mjr Use regular AnalogIn (not FastAnalogIn) for potentiometer readings, and take the average of several readings, to reduce noise; add a minimum distance threshold before a firing event when crossing the rest position.
22:71422c359f2a 2015-04-01 mjr Fix preprocessor error
21:5048e16cc9ef 2015-03-28 mjr New No-Joystick configuration option (for secondary devices that only act as output controllers)
20:4c43877327ab 2015-02-28 mjr New key debouncing, delay on usb read to avoid freezes
19:054f8af32fce 2015-02-27 mjr New key debouncing
18:5e890ebd0023 2015-02-27 mjr Old debounce about to be removed
17:ab3cec0c8bf4 2015-02-27 mjr FastIO and FastAnalogIn; better firing event sensing; potentiometer plunger sensor option; new key debouncing; ZB Launch Ball feature
16:c35f905c3311 2014-12-29 mjr Fix comment typo
15:944bbc29c4dd 2014-12-29 mjr Fix and expand comments on LedWiz behavior vis-a-vis levels 48 and 49
14:df700b22ca08 2014-09-26 mjr Reduce button input latency by reducing debounce time and polling during CCD read cycle
13:72dda449c3c0 2014-09-13 mjr Fix voltage level reversal on LedWiz outputs; handle all undefined LedWiz level values as fully on
12:669df364a565 2014-08-27 mjr Fixed the indicator light (broken by bug in button reader)
11:bd9da7088e6e 2014-08-26 mjr Button inputs added
10:976666ffa4ef 2014-08-23 mjr Add raw pixel dump support for use by the Windows config tool
9:fd65b0a94720 2014-08-18 mjr Tweaks to plunger firing detection