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  Simple DirectMedia Layer
  Copyright (C) 1997-2014 Sam Lantinga <>

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 *  \file SDL_version.h
 *  This header defines the current SDL version.

#ifndef _SDL_version_h
#define _SDL_version_h

#include "SDL_stdinc.h"

#include "begin_code.h"
/* Set up for C function definitions, even when using C++ */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

 *  \brief Information the version of SDL in use.
 *  Represents the library's version as three levels: major revision
 *  (increments with massive changes, additions, and enhancements),
 *  minor revision (increments with backwards-compatible changes to the
 *  major revision), and patchlevel (increments with fixes to the minor
 *  revision).
 *  \sa SDL_GetVersion
typedef struct SDL_version
    Uint8 major;        /**< major version */
    Uint8 minor;        /**< minor version */
    Uint8 patch;        /**< update version */
} SDL_version;

/* Printable format: "%d.%d.%d", MAJOR, MINOR, PATCHLEVEL
#define SDL_PATCHLEVEL      2

 *  \brief Macro to determine SDL version program was compiled against.
 *  This macro fills in a SDL_version structure with the version of the
 *  library you compiled against. This is determined by what header the
 *  compiler uses. Note that if you dynamically linked the library, you might
 *  have a slightly newer or older version at runtime. That version can be
 *  determined with SDL_GetVersion(), which, unlike SDL_VERSION(),
 *  is not a macro.
 *  \param x A pointer to a SDL_version struct to initialize.
 *  \sa SDL_version
 *  \sa SDL_GetVersion
#define SDL_VERSION(x)                          \
{                                   \
    (x)->major = SDL_MAJOR_VERSION;                 \
    (x)->minor = SDL_MINOR_VERSION;                 \
    (x)->patch = SDL_PATCHLEVEL;                    \

 *  This macro turns the version numbers into a numeric value:
 *  \verbatim
    (1,2,3) -> (1203)
 *  This assumes that there will never be more than 100 patchlevels.
#define SDL_VERSIONNUM(X, Y, Z)                     \
    ((X)*1000 + (Y)*100 + (Z))

 *  This is the version number macro for the current SDL version.

 *  This macro will evaluate to true if compiled with SDL at least X.Y.Z.

 *  \brief Get the version of SDL that is linked against your program.
 *  If you are linking to SDL dynamically, then it is possible that the
 *  current version will be different than the version you compiled against.
 *  This function returns the current version, while SDL_VERSION() is a
 *  macro that tells you what version you compiled with.
 *  \code
 *  SDL_version compiled;
 *  SDL_version linked;
 *  SDL_VERSION(&compiled);
 *  SDL_GetVersion(&linked);
 *  printf("We compiled against SDL version %d.%d.%d ...\n",
 *         compiled.major, compiled.minor, compiled.patch);
 *  printf("But we linked against SDL version %d.%d.%d.\n",
 *         linked.major, linked.minor, linked.patch);
 *  \endcode
 *  This function may be called safely at any time, even before SDL_Init().
extern DECLSPEC void SDLCALL SDL_GetVersion(SDL_version * ver);

 *  \brief Get the code revision of SDL that is linked against your program.
 *  Returns an arbitrary string (a hash value) uniquely identifying the
 *  exact revision of the SDL library in use, and is only useful in comparing
 *  against other revisions. It is NOT an incrementing number.
extern DECLSPEC const char *SDLCALL SDL_GetRevision(void);

 *  \brief Get the revision number of SDL that is linked against your program.
 *  Returns a number uniquely identifying the exact revision of the SDL
 *  library in use. It is an incrementing number based on commits to
extern DECLSPEC int SDLCALL SDL_GetRevisionNumber(void);

/* Ends C function definitions when using C++ */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#include "close_code.h"

#endif /* _SDL_version_h */

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