mbed IP library over Ethernet with setName and setNewAddress

Dependencies:   Socket lwip-eth lwip-sys lwip

Dependents:   JRO_CR2 JRO_DDSv2 JRO_DDSv2_rev2019

Fork of EthernetInterface by mbed official


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
48:303f4d8389a1 2015-02-23 miguelcordero191 Any change was done; default tip
47:3b0a475eb1ad 2015-02-05 miguelcordero191 setName and changeIp methods were added
46:4cb91998b200 2015-01-29 miguelcordero191 A new method "set_net_addr" was added to EthernetInterface.
45:d1ccbed7687a 2014-12-17 mbed_official Update libraries to the latest revision
44:de796e2a5e98 2014-11-06 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision 8724eb616b6e07a3bd111d3022652eb5bbefe9b7
43:5887ae6c0c2c 2014-08-19 mbed_official Update libraries to the latest revision
42:f69b81aa9eb1 2014-07-30 mbed_official Updated to the latest versions of lwip-eth and lwip-sys
41:e6b79f0ccd95 2014-06-12 mbed_official Updated to latest version of lwip-eth
40:a54ebf4f45be 2014-06-04 mbed_official Update to the latest version of lwip-eth
39:097a9996f8d5 2014-05-14 mbed_official Updated to the latest version of lwip-eth
38:f6ec7a025939 2014-04-24 mbed_official Updated dependencies on lwip and lwip-eth
37:926eb6517318 2014-04-24 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision 94fd2228fb4a382fb98d0115f6691fc0b659eea8
36:6a67d2bddc7c 2014-01-08 mbed_official Updated to use the latest versions of lwip and lwip-eth
35:cba86db5ab96 2013-10-09 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision d3963de05d9ddff98b9da2b2a1fee0d51fd9481e
34:4aa9e92d1a58 2013-10-01 bogdanm Added revision hashes
33:c21b055c45b8 2013-08-19 bogdanm Sync with official mbed library release 66
32:40640efbfcae 2013-06-04 emilmont Point to the latest libraries
31:5295c93ff37f 2013-06-03 emilmont Update lwIP and Socket libraries
30:4d7d7dc8485f 2013-05-30 emilmont Add LPC4088 target
29:52d857c9e3ba 2013-05-14 emilmont Update "Socket" library
28:9b2d10dc0392 2013-03-01 emilmont Update lwip library
27:2124eae946f3 2013-03-01 emilmont Update lwIP and socket libraries.; Add "getMACAddress".
26:dd9794ce1d64 2013-02-15 emilmont Correct Ethernet initialization with static IP
25:a0ee3ae75cfa 2012-08-13 emilmont Update socket library
24:c9bb345dcc65 2012-08-09 emilmont Increase default DHCP timeout from (3)s to (12)s;
23:5d5b40c4378b 2012-08-06 emilmont Add error message for unsupported targets
22:2a797ba9babe 2012-08-04 emilmont Change "ethernet_input" with "tcpip_input"
21:8cd2de462559 2012-08-03 emilmont Add timeout to network initialization
20:0d9ae7845bfe 2012-08-01 emilmont [Socket library] Remove redundant UDPPacket class. Use centralized socket destructor. Add is_connected check.
19:f1b8651f8f29 2012-07-31 emilmont Add explicit setting of socket blocking/non-blocking mode and timeout
18:9dce8f443bfd 2012-07-27 emilmont Update socket library
17:b7a3766f6253 2012-07-26 emilmont Update Socket library
16:56438e188f04 2012-07-26 emilmont socket library update
15:fd9597f1b81b 2012-07-25 emilmont Update socket library
14:cec293071eed 2012-07-23 emilmont tidyup
13:0063a5bac04f 2012-07-16 donatien Fixed LwIPNetworking for compatibility with mbed-rtos rev. 1 +; If you need to stick to using mbed-rtos rev. 0 do NOT update or the compilation will fail
12:88d1f5a68c61 2012-07-15 donatien LwIPNetworking libraries update
11:043b9782c70a 2012-07-03 donatien LwIPNetworking update
10:8d1c7a87c17b 2012-07-03 donatien Merge
9:dc763c93c6f0 2012-07-03 donatien Merge in LwIPNetworking; Disabled debug in EthernetInterface by default
8:dbc8547f882b 2012-07-03 donatien Debug update : does not set 115200bps speed by default
7:73a6916d991e 2012-07-02 emilmont Do not force debug on the EthernetInterface users, in particular do not change the default settings of their serial port.
6:c50597f8d7a2 2012-06-26 donatien Merge
5:e723b0a8f1bb 2012-06-26 donatien Updated LwIPNetworking lib
4:9a52c802be61 2012-06-26 donatien Documentation update
3:f5776537f27f 2012-06-26 donatien Update underlying libraries
2:fa0875593d98 2012-06-26 mbed_official Specify lwip transport in lwip configuration file.; Add mbed-socket library
1:aee32a27826e 2012-06-25 emilmont Add mbed-lwip, lwip-eth and configuration
0:edb3e1d5ff3e 2012-06-25 mbed_official mbed IP library over Ethernet