C027 updated to work with latest mBed libraries

Dependents:   Cellular_HelloMQTT UBLOXModemDriver UBLOXMQTTDriver

Fork of C027_Support by u-blox


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
140:20f28fa0210b 2017-01-24 michaelVisimid Add TARGET_NUCLEO_L073RZ to debugging devices default tip
139:380bee4079a3 2017-01-24 michaelVisimid Update library to work with latest mBed. Fix setDebug function return statement
138:dafbbf31bf76 2016-02-25 walser Improve connection checking of TCP socket.
137:6a7a5c4f35f6 2016-01-25 fdilenarda changed HTTP enum definition
136:8dc8f48275fc 2016-01-22 msinig CellLocate added functionality
135:cbccf4052d45 2016-01-21 fdilenarda added HTTP API
134:2fbd5723e063 2016-01-12 msinig added features for connection manager
133:57b208dd96fb 2015-11-26 msinig Added CellLocate API
132:de505da3aadf 2015-11-11 mazgch .
131:965a7cbc1e58 2015-09-01 mazgch re-use context in LTE
130:3189949981ec 2015-08-28 mazgch adding quotes around the SIM pin
129:7b747676de86 2015-08-21 mazgch clean-up
128:0415646a9934 2015-08-21 mazgch added the alternative way of activating the profile by cid
127:c1c27d0f53c5 2015-08-21 mazgch clearly mark issues on early toby
126:bfbb9e19f6e0 2015-08-20 mazgch minors (remove orig file)
125:25a292afbac6 2015-08-20 mazgch - moved from individual modules to module series ; - added workarounds for TOBY-L2
124:65eb7d58f2da 2015-08-20 mazgch updated toby handling
123:66cef6353b13 2015-08-20 mazgch first draft for toby
122:5f6804915d77 2015-03-12 mazgch comments
121:8da935c2c08c 2015-03-12 mazgch comments
120:0e718a4ea25e 2015-07-01 mazgch add API to get current device status and ip
119:db878a234544 2015-03-12 mazgch added transatel apn settings
118:c2c4b6b421c8 2015-03-12 mazgch disable spurious debug
117:74e4e0109a9e 2015-01-22 mazgch improve debug api
116:709a6386e685 2014-12-17 mazgch remove spurious guards
115:d8d94b73c725 2014-12-15 mazgch delete to a non-existing file returns true now
114:e347ed0fab5e 2014-11-06 mazgch typo
113:7ade40675003 2014-11-06 mazgch added sweden apns
112:89b5b21db71e 2014-10-29 mazgch increase timeout after baudrate change
111:5f8807ca159a 2014-10-22 mazgch added more apns
110:f524fd9aa13d 2014-09-17 mazgch added apn for three in UK
109:327d209a8ab9 2014-09-15 mazgch merged
108:254bf037f83f 2014-09-15 mazgch better parsing
107:436ee320efd6 2014-09-13 mazgch improve traces
106:18aeacdae391 2014-08-12 mazgch fix UDP socket creation for CDMA
105:f6bb2a20de70 2014-07-29 mazgch bug fix from wochnik
104:c64ba749a422 2014-07-04 mazgch save socket handle instead of using it as index directly
103:197fa7920ad8 2014-07-03 mazgch do not use socket handle from modem as index directly
102:fb982ff9da82 2014-07-03 mazgch cmip parsing
101:edfeb8af206e 2014-07-01 mazgch improve purge at wakeup
100:5e8b69232ea2 2014-07-01 mazgch detect more devices and fix APN test loop
99:3116d3e900ed 2014-07-01 mazgch fixed the early abort of the APN settings test loop
98:c786461edd40 2014-06-17 mazgch identify some more devices
97:b82539535365 2014-06-20 mazgch sort alphabetic
96:2aa03444fee3 2014-06-20 mazgch added china apn settings to LUT
95:8282dbbe1492 2014-06-17 mazgch added use of mutex and wait for Rtos systems
94:d697fe11f3e5 2014-06-12 mazgch add default arguments to connect
93:2b5478693c20 2014-06-12 mazgch make destructor virtual (base class has changed)
92:79b628d1da02 2014-06-10 mazgch comment
91:5af303e25287 2014-06-10 mazgch also try empty apn settings
90:3915192f6d7e 2014-06-06 mazgch cleanup apn selection
89:ea396f9f90a2 2014-06-06 mazgch update APN table
88:135fb4bb7aac 2014-06-06 mazgch improve apn lookup
87:64f54572ea74 2014-06-06 mazgch added orange post-paid apn
86:840a86109d4b 2014-06-06 mazgch merged
85:dd8f4f0d0ca9 2014-06-06 mazgch adding simple apn lookup table ... that can be to be extended for other networks
84:a05edb010176 2014-06-05 mazgch added simple APN lookup table
83:71e3b8bc9ab8 2014-05-28 mazgch disable automatic detection of rtos
82:055dcfcf9dcc 2014-05-28 mazgch more safe
81:3966a5c17037 2014-05-28 mazgch add verizon provisioning