C027 updated to work with latest mBed libraries

Dependents:   Cellular_HelloMQTT UBLOXModemDriver UBLOXMQTTDriver

Fork of C027_Support by u-blox

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for C027_Support


APN_t APN lookup struct
MDMParser::CellLocData Cell Locate Data
MDMParser::DevStatus Device status
GPSI2C Gps class which uses a i2c as physical interface
GPSParser Basic gps parser class
GPSSerial Gps class which uses a serial port as physical interface
MDMParser Basic modem parser class
MDMRtos< T > Use this template to override the lock and wait functions of the modem driver in a Rtos system
MDMSerial Modem class which uses a serial port as physical interface
MDMParser::NetStatus Network Status
Pipe< T > Pipe , this class implements a buffered pipe that can be savely written and read between two context
SerialPipe Buffered serial interface (rtos capable/interrupt driven)
Socket Socket file descriptor and select wrapper
TCPSocketConnection TCP socket connection
UDPSocket UDP Socket


Endpoint.h [code]
GPS.cpp [code]
GPS.h [code]
MDM.cpp [code]
MDM.h [code]
MDMAPN.h [code]
Pipe.h [code]
SerialPipe.cpp [code]
SerialPipe.h [code]
Socket.h [code]
TCPSocketConnection.h [code]
UDPSocket.h [code]