Fork of SDFileSystem with fixed version of FATFileSystem

Dependencies:   FATFileSystem

Fork of SDFileSystem by Neil Thiessen


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
26:bd945c7c2e48 2016-07-14 melse Use fixed version of FATFileSystem library default tip
25:923df4ee70c4 2016-05-26 neilt6 Improved card initialization reliability
24:a52e682a1ce4 2016-05-24 neilt6 Improved card initialization reliability
23:6bb3c1987511 2016-04-13 neilt6 Added high-speed mode (50MHz) support for v2.00 or later SD cards
22:3fa5eaf48e81 2016-02-24 neilt6 Fixed timer hang bug in disk_initialize()
21:d10a519c0910 2015-12-11 neilt6 Updated FATFileSystem & fixed integer widths
20:2c1e8d442f68 2015-12-08 neilt6 Improved card detection logic
19:84b2958bbcae 2015-11-26 neilt6 Updated FATFileSystem
18:2286a4e7fa31 2015-08-27 neilt6 Updated FATFileSystem and implemented minor improvements
17:a47f74caa04e 2015-07-08 neilt6 Internal data type changes
16:c2c1f0b16380 2015-01-05 neilt6 Added support for no card detect switch
15:c9e938f6934f 2014-10-27 neilt6 Added code to enable the internal pull-up resistor on MISO
14:02835aff8504 2014-08-28 neilt6 Switched back to main FATFileSystem branch
13:635147efa748 2014-08-18 neilt6 Significant performance improvements with better busy wait logic
12:eebddab6eff2 2014-08-15 neilt6 New switch types & minor improvements
11:67ddc53e3983 2014-08-14 neilt6 Major performance improvements with custom FATFileSystem
10:395539a1481a 2014-08-12 neilt6 Minor syntax improvements
9:1906befe7f30 2014-08-11 neilt6 Readability improvements
8:7b6acbb6739b 2014-08-07 neilt6 Minor syntax improvement
7:61db99e52c0d 2014-08-01 neilt6 Minor syntax improvements
6:55a26a56046a 2014-08-01 neilt6 Added the option to disable CRC, and enable 16-bit frames for data read/write operations
5:6befff2300d0 2014-07-31 neilt6 Added ACMD42 to disconnect the internal pull-up resistor on /CS
4:49b29888eca7 2014-07-30 neilt6 Added 0x40 to command definitions for (slightly) improved performance
3:7cf3d1835ef5 2014-07-30 neilt6 Changed the order of the constructor arguments to match the official SDFileSystem library
2:eec1db773e7d 2014-07-30 neilt6 Improved deselect() handling
1:25f4ba436b81 2014-07-30 neilt6 Added support for normally open card detect switches
0:2a6d8a096edc 2014-07-29 neilt6 Initial commit