Fork to see if I can get working

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial OneWire WinbondSPIFlash libxDot-dev-mbed5-deprecated

Fork of xDotBridge_update_test20180823 by Matt Briggs


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
100:0882cf295f8e 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Adding relaese bin to repo default tip
99:83b54c851187 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Debugged settings via term.; ; Committing for release version 1.03.
98:3609f600c2f5 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Adding first cut of term settings.
97:594e47206604 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Merged branch.
96:e962c5000145 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex added python 2 script for creating app version.
95:aa9908d459c2 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Added sets of resets to mitigate pairing issues. Sort of a hacky solution. Will improve later.
94:8028c07f71fa 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Working blink and working key check.
93:f3adc409c54e 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Updates for both bootloader and key check.
92:1f86edb14cbe 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Added updated bootloader with blink. Added key check at end of update.
91:8196900df6fe 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Added new 1.01 bootloader, removed unimplemented prints, removed secrets from being printed (using MACRO in dot_util.h)
90:32f9d043561a 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Fixed version number
89:edfe5d376e55 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Updated bootloader. Fixed radio functions calls.
88:2415b8ac4165 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Committed a first working version of bootloader.
87:199b1a091d9e 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex added an erase function to bootloader.
86:7b04f64d1de2 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex another test
85:44e1864aacd9 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex another test
84:17512d92fd71 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex test bootloader
83:87031772fc5e 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Updated bootloader.
82:bb9dfd9a2b8b 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Added bootloader bin
81:1eb0f16b2ab9 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Added json and bootloader dir
80:73b7b2b3aabc 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex quick commit
79:69c4f03c0f86 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex quick commit
78:43f074baac34 23 months ago mbriggs_vortex Committing code so far for getting bootloader to work.
77:176e3eb8f712 2017-05-17 Matt Briggs Added serial terminal and Buffered lib
76:d1b20a259d8f 2017-05-16 Matt Briggs Quick commit before lib add.
75:600cb3a9f126 2017-05-10 Matt Briggs Skeleton version of terminal. Compiled version of prototype code
74:dc969906f1f7 2017-05-04 Matt Briggs Fixed Floating LED and added v1_0 bin file
73:dc5adf462660 2017-04-10 Matt Briggs Forgot to add some files.
72:bcc66cdfd101 2017-04-10 Matt Briggs Updates to check for pairing req flag
71:2b57529df137 2017-03-27 Matt Briggs Version modified for testing on 2017/03/27
70:6b3ca63792c2 2017-03-27 Matt Briggs Added some docuymentation to brute force protocol.
69:eb391644b346 2017-03-24 Matt Briggs Improved pair button functionality and added eeprom logging
68:51c25f4f6d9a 2017-03-21 Matt Briggs Changed how long between messages in continous alert condition.
67:2115a2f1b945 2017-03-21 Matt Briggs For real added disabling test mode to DS2408. Plus other incremental changes to code.
66:bcaa6dbf538a 2017-03-15 Matt Briggs Changed to only sample switches with user btn press. Also hand tuned times based off measurement.
65:d546060aa03d 2017-03-15 Matt Briggs Added better alert message code. Quick commit before debug.
64:46c8819c07cc 2017-03-14 Matt Briggs Continuted debug of pairing code. Qcuik hack to disable counters.
63:e1efbe3402d9 2017-03-14 Matt Briggs Quick refactor of logging
62:9751a8504c82 2017-03-14 Matt Briggs First cut at pair code
61:8d9efd33cac9 2017-03-09 Matt Briggs Slight modification of pair code and documentation. Also some test code to all xDot dev boards to act like bridges.
60:5179449a684f 2017-03-06 Matt Briggs Few quick changes before adding pair code
59:485545afc4dc 2017-03-06 Matt Briggs Adding code to allow GPIO3 to be used as LED and added option to allow LrrLed to be used i.e. GPIO0
58:15aa7a785b9f 2017-03-01 Matt Briggs Major updates to power down during sleep code. Other minior updates. Used for test on 2017/03/01.
57:bdac7dd17af2 2017-02-28 Matt Briggs Got static networking with static configuration working. Also added disabling test mode for DS2408.
56:40b454c952cc 2017-02-27 Matt Briggs Updated test BBIO to v3. Added some sanity checks for LRR if on a new board.
55:79ab0bbc5008 2017-02-27 Matt Briggs Adding lots of NVM code to store parameters in eeprom. Also some work on documentation.
54:c04d7b6fa075 2017-02-22 Matt Briggs Working static network bridge. Woot!
53:a1563574a980 2017-02-22 Matt Briggs Mostly working TX in main app
52:64a2c71c7c49 2017-02-21 Matt Briggs quick commit to compile.
51:58d2a1b8f9d2 2017-02-21 Matt Briggs Moved PVD test files to seperate manual test. Add new PVD manual test. Updated bbio test and commited bin of test.
50:e89647e77fd5 2017-02-17 Matt Briggs Added retries in ds2408 lib and started updating main to make static wireless bridge
49:18f1354f9e51 2017-02-17 Matt Briggs Debugged both test and bbio lib. Most IO working at this point.
48:bab9f747d9ed 2017-02-13 Matt Briggs First cut at manual testing for baseboard IO. Still needs to be debugged and used.
47:a68747642a7a 2017-02-10 Matt Briggs Added test files
46:20c89e9e751d 2017-02-02 mbriggs_vortex Swapped spi flash libs to a local one
45:f146a8ef5ea6 2017-02-02 Matt Briggs first cut at readme file
44:ece6330e9b57 2017-02-01 Matt Briggs First cut at BaseboardIO class implementation.
43:68952678cc91 2017-01-31 mbriggs_vortex Added SPI flash library
42:f4bce957ecab 2017-01-31 mbriggs_vortex Removed old library which is not needed.
41:9ef4c4d77711 2017-01-30 Matt Briggs Fisrt cut at implementing protocol refactor