Official mbed Real Time Operating System based on the RTX implementation of the CMSIS-RTOS API open standard.

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This is the mbed 2 rtos library. mbed OS 5 integrates the mbed library with mbed-rtos. With this, we have provided thread safety for all mbed APIs. If you'd like to learn about using mbed OS 5, please see the docs.

Mon Jul 25 14:12:24 2016 +0100
RTOS rev118

Compatible with the mbed library v122

- warnings about duplicated CM symbols fix
- init sequence update - allows init array to be run prior kernel start
- RTOS with OS_TIMERS=0 fix for thread id
- Thread ctor is deprecated, use start() method
- main stack fix for IAR (set via linker script)
- add TCB context pointer
- provide thread safety for toolchains (std lib locks)
- add MBED_RTOS_SINGLE_THREAD macro (sets TSKCNT to 1 and TIMERS to 0)
- nrf51, nucleo l423kc, nucleo f767zi, nucleo f446ze, efm32 support addition
- add OSObserver function

Who changed what in which revision?

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Kojto 118:6635230e06ba 1 {
Kojto 118:6635230e06ba 2 "name": "rtos",
Kojto 118:6635230e06ba 3 "config": {
Kojto 118:6635230e06ba 4 "present": 1
Kojto 118:6635230e06ba 5 }
Kojto 118:6635230e06ba 6 }