Vodafone K3770/K3772-Z modems driver & networking library

Dependencies:   Socket USBHostWANDongle lwip-sys lwip

Dependents:   VodafoneUSBModemHTTPClientTest VodafoneUSBModemNTPClientTest VodafoneUSBModemSMSTest VodafoneUSBModemUSSDTest ... more

Fork of VodafoneUSBModem_bleedingedge by Donatien Garnier

This is the driver for the Vodafone K3700 & K3772-Z Dongles:


More details and instructions can be found here.

Revisions of sms/SMSInterface.cpp

Revision Date Message Actions
91:7b311719374d 2013-09-20 Added support for Ublox LISA U200 module. Fixed bug for modules that throw away blocked unsolicited messages. File  Diff  Annotate
83:897a0de9d668 2013-03-05 Added MU509 support File  Diff  Annotate
80:c0e63c16306e 2013-01-15 Turn of read receipts in MU509; File  Diff  Annotate
79:a6ac8206a58d 2013-01-09 Experimental MU509 Support File  Diff  Annotate
62:6f42a974eea6 2012-11-13 GCC-compliant File  Diff  Annotate
59:593fb493172f 2012-10-24 - Disabling/Re-enabling of unsollicited response codes between commands to avoid having unsollicited result codes mixed up with commands responses; - Suppressed 100ms guard time in ATCommandsInterface; - Fixed race condition in ATCommandsInterface File  Diff  Annotate
58:f1965f3f4504 2012-10-22 Fixed messages indexes' list shifting bug File  Diff  Annotate
50:8ad4cb12749d 2012-09-27 Fixed deadlock in SMS receiving routine; delete message even if cannot be read File  Diff  Annotate
46:c2282539c858 2012-09-26 only text change File  Diff  Annotate
42:daa4dd282103 2012-09-25 Typo in nicks debug message: d% instead of %d File  Diff  Annotate
39:85dc5ca10b7f 2012-09-20 small correction to the sms get method. It now only removes items from the sms item array if it can remove them from the modem sms inbox. Also added some debug. File  Diff  Annotate
28:c94ffb45a848 2012-08-30 Fixed SMS dropped "REC READ" messages issue File  Diff  Annotate
26:d37501dc6c61 2012-08-29 Testing implementation of power gating File  Diff  Annotate
22:06fb2a93a1f6 2012-08-17 Fork with names/headers changes to prepare for pre-built version File  Diff  Annotate
12:66dc2c8eba2d 2012-07-11 Link Monitoring / Dual serial port support File  Diff  Annotate
8:04b6a042595f 2012-06-26 Bleeding edge - test with two different interfaces File  Diff  Annotate | base