How to turn a WaveShare nRF51-BLE400 into a discoverable beacon using mbed

Dependencies:   mbed BLE_API nRF51822

Port for WaveShare BLE400 (chip nRF51 Aliexpress devboard)
Android Evothings good example for Nordic nRF51822-DK

As target for mbed-online used <Nordic nRF51822>
- (Large green board Nordic nRF51822-mKIT, actually deprecated on 01/03/2019)

Briefly: Handle via Evothings BLE Application 4 LEDs and 2 Buttons(via notify messages).

Figure 1: Evothings Android application screenshot

Evothings application screenshot

Android Evothings application sources

Android application APK

Happy coding!
maxxir 02/03/19


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