This is the DW1000 driver and our self developed distance measurement application based on it. We do this as a semester thesis at ETH Zürich under the Automatic Control Laboratory in the Department of electrical engineering.

Dependencies:   mbed


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
47:b6120c152ad1 2015-03-19 manumaet final release with the code used in the verification test case default tip
46:6398237672a0 2015-03-10 manumaet Final commit with altCallbackRX for the testcase and improved power.
45:01a33363bc21 2015-03-08 manumaet Added initialization values & calibration data.
44:2e0045042a59 2015-03-05 manumaet Two way distance ranging with several anchors works now (calibration and onboard trilateration still ahead)
43:d89fe237a684 2015-03-05 manumaet before fusion with two way ranging
42:83931678c4de 2015-03-02 manumaet after setting initialization parameters of Manual, moving Antenna delays to driver as standard value
41:0a3bb028d4ba 2015-03-01 manumaet before following exactly manual initializing
40:5ce51b7e3118 2015-02-27 manumaet distance to 4 anchors works and is visible in MATLAB, before cleanup and calibration
39:bb57aa77b015 2015-02-22 manumaet setup to find the 40 bit overflow in the timestamps, seems to be fixed
38:8ef3b8d8b908 2015-02-22 manumaet new crashs after 10 secs
37:40f94c634c3e 2015-02-20 manumaet implemented source/destination adresses and filtering
36:883de6f9a73b 2015-02-20 manumaet before changing data rate (disabled resetAll)
35:95d838d33bf5 2015-02-17 manumaet working console bar with two nodes after cleanup
34:f56962030c5c 2014-12-27 manumaet when merging to eclipse & svn
33:6ea4c3dd504d 2014-12-02 manumaet first simple measurement works (gives 1.0362 us)
32:041dd02e0e3b 2014-12-02 manumaet transmitting of the time fails
31:6f76f3d518ac 2014-12-01 manumaet ranging draft implemented, not working yet
30:4ecc69d3cf8d 2014-11-28 manumaet before starting with the real first ranging try
29:019ff388ed76 2014-11-28 manumaet problem with member function pointers solved!
28:a830131560e8 2014-11-28 manumaet after setting up a test MMRanging class, problem with member function pointers
27:71178fdb78e1 2014-11-28 manumaet MMRanging intriduced, before any switchover
26:a65c6f26c458 2014-11-27 manumaet problems with last publish solved, first simple really working driver :)
25:d58b0595b300 2014-11-27 manumaet cleaned up API, beginning with first ranging attempt
24:6f25ba679490 2014-11-27 manumaet no more printfs and heap in interrupt, ack of every frame works
23:661a79e56208 2014-11-27 manumaet trancieving with interrupt works now, exclusion receive/send not finished
22:576ee999b004 2014-11-27 manumaet class a bit rearanged for externel time measurement (only use for this)
21:23bf4399020d 2014-11-26 manumaet first publish, be aware that:; - receiving and sending on the same node is currently broke; - the code is not encapsulated yet
20:257d56530ae1 2014-11-25 manumaet minor changes to API, before implementing autoack and timing try
19:e94bc88c1eb0 2014-11-25 manumaet tranciever works again
18:bbc7ca7d3a95 2014-11-24 manumaet many changes, sadly TX interrupt broken
17:8afa5f9122da 2014-11-24 manumaet 1021 string now works with API
16:96879e1c99f2 2014-11-24 manumaet string of length 1021 works now (was timing problem), now adapt it to API so it always works
15:e1fea7e2aff1 2014-11-23 manumaet sending of 1020 chars in one frame worked
14:8041c9b68406 2014-11-23 manumaet Ping Pong implemented
13:b4d27bf7062a 2014-11-23 manumaet first tranciever test worked
12:985aa9843c3c 2014-11-23 manumaet before fusing SENDER and RECEIVER
11:c87d37db2c6f 2014-11-23 manumaet LDE fixed, receiver reset no more needed
10:d077bb12d259 2014-11-21 manumaet in between messing with framelenght of sendFrame to solve issue with >1 byte;; readRegister8 tested
9:c8839de428ac 2014-11-20 manumaet wroking sender and receiver with interrupt
8:7a9c61242e2f 2014-11-18 manumaet sender doesn't work anymore
7:e634eeafc4d2 2014-11-18 manumaet first interrupt handled receiving (draft with callback, receive not fully API yet)
6:d5864a1b9e17 2014-11-18 manumaet button interrupt tester
5:111f11c95d27 2014-11-18 manumaet button tester
4:6240b9c7a033 2014-11-18 manumaet managed to get multiple frames via resetRX()
3:69587fadfa87 2014-11-17 manumaet always getting CRC Error and HHHHHH
2:16e45ff70baf 2014-11-17 manumaet before changing entire send/receive structure
1:1311e7af0a5c 2014-11-16 manumaet no more work, before revert
0:f50e671ffff7 2014-11-16 manumaet draft with first success to send a hello world frame to the other node :)