NOT FINISHED YET!!! My first try to get a self built fully working Quadrocopter based on an mbed, a self built frame and some other more or less cheap parts.

Dependencies:   mbed MODI2C

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for FlyBed1


Servo Class to control a servo on any pin, without using pwm
Servo_PWM Class to control a servo by using PWM


ADXL345.cpp [code]
ADXL345.h [code]
BMP085.cpp [code]
BMP085.h [code]
BMP085_old.cpp [code]
BMP085_old.h [code]
HMC5883.cpp [code]
HMC5883.h [code]
I2C_Sensor.cpp [code]
I2C_Sensor.h [code]
IMU_Filter.cpp [code]
IMU_Filter.h [code]
L3G4200D.cpp [code]
L3G4200D.h [code]
LCD.cpp [code]
LCD.h [code]
LED.cpp [code]
LED.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
Mixer.cpp [code]
Mixer.h [code]
MPU6050.cpp [code]
MPU6050.h [code]
PC.cpp [code]
PC.h [code]
PID.cpp [code]
PID.h [code]
RC_Channel.cpp [code]
RC_Channel.h [code]
Servo.cpp [code]
Servo.h [code]
Servo_PWM.cpp [code]
Servo_PWM.h [code]