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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
23:026ce8177010 2016-10-12 lzbpli ms2s default tip
22:49ca85e8822f 2015-11-11 Added tag test for changeset 30845899cca2
21:30845899cca2 2015-11-11 labishrestha Modified to support for LPC11UXX in new branch LPC11UXX test
20:68f2ee917691 2015-10-30 Sissors Added L476 support (changing some names/adding some defines).
19:9d355da2770e 2015-07-01 Sissors Fixed for KSDK targets because Freescale couldn't agree if they called the oscillator "OSC" or "OSC0"
18:13aed323e040 2015-07-01 Sissors Use for Freescale devices 32k system oscillator if available. In this mode no calibration is available: It is assumed you are using a 32kHz crystal with sufficient performance.
17:49d9e3a3e904 2015-04-22 Sissors Keep backup power domain always enabled for STM since the mbed library does not like it (anymore) when I disable it again.
16:f3adba7cf7c4 2014-09-14 Sissors Set KLXX code for all Freescale targets (for now).
15:b2a710aca356 2014-08-29 Sissors Improved STM support (now properly support L152 (hopefully) by fixing which RTC IRQ vector it should use).
14:6bf547e1e62d 2014-07-30 Sissors Calibrate on LPC1114 now restores pin function settings afterwards (previously this broke wakeups were dp24 was used).
13:fd24cec76d5a 2014-07-30 Sissors Latest mbed(-src) lib does not automatically include toolchain.h on the LPC1114 anymore. So added in WakeUp code itself.
12:779d866b8a2d 2014-07-30 Sissors Added calibrate for LPC1114
11:72db657fc572 2014-07-30 Sissors Rewritten pin selection for LPC1114, now can be changed without modifying WakeUp code
10:c41bc9154a7c 2014-07-28 Sissors Added initial LPC11xx support (LPC1114). Might need another commit :)
9:29bdf5fed21a 2014-07-24 Sissors General STM support for all devices with same RTC and Alarm A
8:8d9a6ac0fba8 2014-07-24 Sissors Updated documentation
7:bb411115f814 2014-07-23 Sissors Added NUCLEO F030R8
6:815bef56e136 2014-07-12 Sissors Added K20D50M support
5:89dae784c38f 2014-02-20 Sissors Support al KLxx devices and properly use new ticker timer setups
4:ec26a6713bb9 2014-01-12 Sissors Added LPC11u24
3:2c62a668f265 2014-01-07 Sissors KL46Z included
2:648712aa15b4 2013-12-07 Sissors KL25 should now play nicely with mbed
1:92f4c2b52771 2013-12-05 Sissors Added KL25, doesn't play nice with mbed yet
0:fc439458a359 2013-11-23 Sissors v1.0