address modified to run with my LCD

Dependents:   DS1302_test_with_STM32_and_LCD16x2


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42:0f6a7dfba1a8 24 months ago loarri mod to run with my LCD 16x2 default tip
41:111ca62e8a59 2015-11-06 wim Added setFont() support (for SSD1803, US2066, ST7070) and support for UTF-8 code (Cyrillic language), added SPLC792A controller.
40:d3496c3ea301 2015-05-20 wim Fixed an occasional init problem. Added PCF2119R support, added HD66712 support, added some more I2C portexpander types.
39:e9c2319de9c5 2015-05-19 wim Working version PCF2119
38:cbe275b0b647 2015-04-18 wim Fixed Adafruit I2C/SPI portexpander pinmappings, fixed SYDZ Backlight control
37:ce348c002929 2015-03-29 wim Cleaned up low level command and data write operations to improve speed of I2C expander versions (PCF8574 and MCP23008). Added initial support for controllers with alternative fonttables.
36:9f5f86dfd44a 2014-11-25 wim Added ST7070 and KS0073 support, added setIcon(), clrIcon() and setInvert() method for supported devices.
35:311be6444a39 2014-10-10 wim Added AC780 support, added I2C expander module types, fixed setBacklight() for inverted logic I2C expander modules. Fixed bug in LCD_SPI_N define.
34:e5a0dcb43ecc 2014-09-27 wim Added support for PT6314 (VFD), added setOrient() method for supported devices (eg SSD1803, US2066), added Double Height lines and 16 UDCs for supported devices. Added separate files for UDC defines and feature/footprint configuration.
33:900a94bc7585 2014-08-28 wim Added support for controllers US2066/SSD1311 (OLED), added setUDCBlink method for supported devices (eg SSD1803), fixed issue in setPower()
32:59c4b8f648d4 2014-08-22 wim Added support for controllers PCF2119 (native I2C) and SSD1803A, ST7036 (native I2C/SPI), added setContrast method (by JH1PJL) and setPower method for supported devices (eg ST7032i). Cleaned up Init method.
31:ef31cd8a00d1 2014-06-29 wim Added Support for native I2C controllers (PCF21XX, AIP31068), added LCDTypes for 3 and 4 line displays. Encoded features in LCDTypes and LCDCtrl enumerators to ease code maintenance and improve sanity checks.
30:033048611c01 2014-06-28 wim Tested AIP31068 for I2C, tested SPI3_9 and SPI3_10
29:a3663151aa65 2014-06-17 wim Tested with PCF2116
28:30fa94f7341c 2014-06-14 wim Updated to support ST7032i with native I2C and SPI interface.
27:22d5086f6ba6 2014-06-13 wim First test of native SPI
26:bd897a001012 2014-05-30 wim Added support for MCP23008 I2C expander, added pinmapping for Adafruit I2C and SPI backplane.
25:6162b31128c9 2014-05-10 wim Added support for controllers with native SPI interface.
24:fb3399713710 2014-05-10 Sissors Added ST7032 support + SPI mode
23:d47f226efb24 2014-04-02 wim Docs update
22:35742ec80c24 2014-04-02 wim Refactored TextLCD bus version to fix issue with pins default defined as NC.; Note: I2C and SPI versions now need to be declared as TextLCD_I2C() or TextLCD_SPI() in user code.
21:9eb628d9e164 2014-04-01 wim Refactored in Abstract Base class and Derived classes for Bus interface, I2C portexpander interface and SPI shiftregister interface.; This was needed to solve problem with recent mbed lib and DigitalOut pins that are default defined as 'NC'.
20:e0da005a777f 2013-05-13 wim Added support for Backlight control; Added portdefinitions for I2C/TWI LCD2004 Module from DFROBOT
19:c747b9e2e7b8 2013-04-19 wim Beta version supporting WS0010 and ST7036 DC/DC converters
18:bd65dc10f27f 2013-03-09 wim Added some UDCs, Updated documentation.
17:652ab113bc2e 2013-03-02 wim Added support for Display On/Off. Improved 4bit bootprocess.
16:c276b75e6585 2013-02-20 wim Cleaned up and Commented
15:b70ebfffb258 2013-02-19 wim Working testversion for 40x4.; Fixed cursor problems.; Fixed UDC problems, always return to DD RAM.
14:0c32b66b14b8 2013-02-10 wim Added support for I2C and SPI bus interfaces
13:24506ba22480 2013-02-09 wim First version with I2C interface, refactored code
12:6bf9d9957d31 2013-02-05 wim Updated Documentation
11:9ec02df863a1 2013-02-05 wim Added User Defined Character support
10:dd9b3a696acd 2013-02-04 wim Added support for 24x4 LCDs using KS0078 controller; Added Cursor On/Off
9:0893d986e717 2013-01-31 wim Tested on several LCD types
8:03116f75b66e 2013-01-29 wim TextLCD Update to fix memoryaddress problems
7:44f34c09bd37 2010-12-04 simon Update pin names to d4-d7
6:e4cb7ddee0d3 2010-11-23 simon Published as a library
5:a53b3e2d6f1e 2010-05-29 simon (none)
4:bf5b706f8d32 2010-05-27 simon (none)
3:2a46d5820a78 2010-05-27 simon (none)
2:227356c7d12c 2010-05-27 simon (none)
1:ac48b187213c 2010-05-27 simon (none)
0:edfb85c53631 2010-05-22 simon (none)