address modified to run with my LCD

Dependents:   DS1302_test_with_STM32_and_LCD16x2

Revisions of TextLCD_Config.h

Revision Date Message Actions
42:0f6a7dfba1a8 21 months ago mod to run with my LCD 16x2 File  Diff  Annotate
41:111ca62e8a59 2015-11-06 Added setFont() support (for SSD1803, US2066, ST7070) and support for UTF-8 code (Cyrillic language), added SPLC792A controller. File  Diff  Annotate
40:d3496c3ea301 2015-05-20 Fixed an occasional init problem. Added PCF2119R support, added HD66712 support, added some more I2C portexpander types. File  Diff  Annotate
39:e9c2319de9c5 2015-05-19 Working version PCF2119 File  Diff  Annotate
38:cbe275b0b647 2015-04-18 Fixed Adafruit I2C/SPI portexpander pinmappings, fixed SYDZ Backlight control File  Diff  Annotate
37:ce348c002929 2015-03-29 Cleaned up low level command and data write operations to improve speed of I2C expander versions (PCF8574 and MCP23008). Added initial support for controllers with alternative fonttables. File  Diff  Annotate
36:9f5f86dfd44a 2014-11-25 Added ST7070 and KS0073 support, added setIcon(), clrIcon() and setInvert() method for supported devices. File  Diff  Annotate
35:311be6444a39 2014-10-10 Added AC780 support, added I2C expander module types, fixed setBacklight() for inverted logic I2C expander modules. Fixed bug in LCD_SPI_N define. File  Diff  Annotate
34:e5a0dcb43ecc 2014-09-27 Added support for PT6314 (VFD), added setOrient() method for supported devices (eg SSD1803, US2066), added Double Height lines and 16 UDCs for supported devices. Added separate files for UDC defines and feature/footprint configuration. File  Diff  Annotate