Change buffer sizes to support GR-PEACH

Dependencies:   CyaSSL

Dependents:   GR-PEACH_Azure_Speech

Fork of HTTPClient-SSL by MultiTech

Revisions of HTTPClient.h

Revision Date Message Actions
43:a11d8ee0380b 2015-02-09 Added comments to the HTTPClient.h file to explain the required formatting for URL strings. File  Diff  Annotate
42:2f464f96c204 2015-02-09 Added back in VERIFY_PEER_FAIL_IF_NO_CERT as an SSLmethod enumeration.; Removed code to allow for null paths in urlParse(); Removed set_time(),CyaSSL_init(), and extra socket_close().; Added check for pointers being NULL before free-ing memory.; File  Diff  Annotate
39:d7c5541a9124 2015-01-19 Pulling in the newest CyaSSL lib (3.3.0).; Tweaked code to be more robust. File  Diff  Annotate
38:a4ccad70be9d 2015-01-14 Added functions to add Root Certificates for SSL verification of Peers, added a function to set the peer verify settings for the CyaSSL library, tweaked some debug and memory operations in the client. File  Diff  Annotate
33:3b2809748a9e 2014-12-31 Changed client implementation of TCPSocketConnection for interfacing with cellular class File  Diff  Annotate
29:2d96cc752d19 2014-08-27 added HTTPJson data type and created defines for increased url lengths File  Diff  Annotate
26:bf979804b653 2014-07-21 (none) File  Diff  Annotate
22:4b9a4151cc73 2014-07-12 Add basic authentication; File  Diff  Annotate
19:1e2f05809eb1 2014-04-08 eliminate sockfd File  Diff  Annotate
18:d89df40b4cf3 2014-04-07 just Indentation File  Diff  Annotate
17:c73d8e61d391 2014-04-07 Added SSL by CyaSSL library; Added header method; Improved send buffer; Added retry connection File  Diff  Annotate
16:1f743885e7de 2012-08-30 IHTTPData (HTTPText, HTTPMap) objects can be re-used multiple times (reading/writing position is reset on each connection); Support for PUT and DELETE methods File  Diff  Annotate
12:89d09a6db00a 2012-08-05 Updated to match the newest Socket API File  Diff  Annotate
11:390362de8c3f 2012-07-30 Update for compat with newest Socket API File  Diff  Annotate
10:e1351de84c16 2012-07-18 Corrected licence headers File  Diff  Annotate
7:4e39864f7b15 2012-06-29 Update to using new C++ Socket API File  Diff  Annotate
5:791fc3dcb6c4 2012-06-15 Removed velociraptors-prone gotos:) File  Diff  Annotate
0:2ccb9960a044 2012-04-26 (none) File  Diff  Annotate