Quadrocopter - using Chrobotics AHRS and mbed board want to make full controller.


a) reading the signal from RC receiver

b) reading attitude from AHRS, i future also GPS position,

c) processing by mbed or similar device (have also FEZ domino and mini)

c) writing to motor controllers (servo standard signal).


Have a look at Paparazzi their autopilot:


Should not be hard to use some of the software - and it is a much beter starting point that the arduino code from an aerospace perspective.


27 Aug 2010

Also have a look at UAVX, AeroQuad and ArduCopter, which are all open source, and of course check out the multirotor helicopter forum in www.rcgroups.com. Also check out ArmOKopter for serial control of ESCs.

18 Nov 2010 . Edited: 18 Nov 2010

I am really interested in building an quadrocopter, too. The CHR-6dm-AHRS looks good - especially because of the kalman jitter-filter. I check out the links. The concept at http://www.microdrones.com is really interesting, too.

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