In TextLCD_I2C_N Class, added void setContrast(unsigned char c) function as temporary. This is for ST7032i non-volume type contrast control.

Dependents:   LPC1114_data_logger RTC_w_COM Frequency_Counter_w_GPS_1PPS CW_Decoder_using_FFT_on_F446 ... more

Fork of TextLCD by Wim Huiskamp

In TextLCD_I2C_N Class, added void setContrast(unsigned char c) function as temporary.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
31:f8e67a681560 2020-08-04 kenjiArai added #include "Stream.h" (need to run on mbed-os6.2.0) default tip
30:4c57a022a56c 2020-02-24 kenjiArai merge Wim Huiskamp's latest(Nov. 2015) revision and modified for counter measure compile errors
29:986538f94abe 2014-06-15 kenjiArai Added setContrast() function for ST7032i
28:30fa94f7341c 2014-06-14 wim Updated to support ST7032i with native I2C and SPI interface.
27:22d5086f6ba6 2014-06-13 wim First test of native SPI
26:bd897a001012 2014-05-30 wim Added support for MCP23008 I2C expander, added pinmapping for Adafruit I2C and SPI backplane.
25:6162b31128c9 2014-05-10 wim Added support for controllers with native SPI interface.
24:fb3399713710 2014-05-10 Sissors Added ST7032 support + SPI mode
23:d47f226efb24 2014-04-02 wim Docs update
22:35742ec80c24 2014-04-02 wim Refactored TextLCD bus version to fix issue with pins default defined as NC.; Note: I2C and SPI versions now need to be declared as TextLCD_I2C() or TextLCD_SPI() in user code.
21:9eb628d9e164 2014-04-01 wim Refactored in Abstract Base class and Derived classes for Bus interface, I2C portexpander interface and SPI shiftregister interface.; This was needed to solve problem with recent mbed lib and DigitalOut pins that are default defined as 'NC'.
20:e0da005a777f 2013-05-13 wim Added support for Backlight control; Added portdefinitions for I2C/TWI LCD2004 Module from DFROBOT
19:c747b9e2e7b8 2013-04-19 wim Beta version supporting WS0010 and ST7036 DC/DC converters
18:bd65dc10f27f 2013-03-09 wim Added some UDCs, Updated documentation.
17:652ab113bc2e 2013-03-02 wim Added support for Display On/Off. Improved 4bit bootprocess.
16:c276b75e6585 2013-02-20 wim Cleaned up and Commented
15:b70ebfffb258 2013-02-19 wim Working testversion for 40x4.; Fixed cursor problems.; Fixed UDC problems, always return to DD RAM.
14:0c32b66b14b8 2013-02-10 wim Added support for I2C and SPI bus interfaces
13:24506ba22480 2013-02-09 wim First version with I2C interface, refactored code
12:6bf9d9957d31 2013-02-05 wim Updated Documentation
11:9ec02df863a1 2013-02-05 wim Added User Defined Character support
10:dd9b3a696acd 2013-02-04 wim Added support for 24x4 LCDs using KS0078 controller; Added Cursor On/Off
9:0893d986e717 2013-01-31 wim Tested on several LCD types
8:03116f75b66e 2013-01-29 wim TextLCD Update to fix memoryaddress problems
7:44f34c09bd37 2010-12-04 simon Update pin names to d4-d7
6:e4cb7ddee0d3 2010-11-23 simon Published as a library
5:a53b3e2d6f1e 2010-05-29 simon (none)
4:bf5b706f8d32 2010-05-27 simon (none)
3:2a46d5820a78 2010-05-27 simon (none)
2:227356c7d12c 2010-05-27 simon (none)
1:ac48b187213c 2010-05-27 simon (none)
0:edfb85c53631 2010-05-22 simon (none)