Ika Shouyu Poppoyaki - LPC82x supported

Dependencies:   MODSERIAL mbed

Fork of ika_shouyu_poppoyaki by Tedd OKANO


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
42:2b40666d8177 2014-10-18 k4zuki LPC82x series supported (only 824 is tested) default tip
41:74b9ff21098f 2013-11-19 okano enabled to handle <0x300 (768) bytes data file
40:615dc8275648 2013-09-29 okano ver 0.98 : cleaned-up
39:f68f9fa1e88e 2013-09-29 okano ver 0.98 : suppressed debug message in default setting. it improves speed of writing and verifying
38:cb95bfe0546a 2013-09-27 okano ver 0.97: ; can verify non 4*N size binary.; can write full 32768 bytes for LPC1114FN28, can write 4096 bytes for LPC810.
37:4cd12c9c1cc2 2013-09-26 okano correcting version number in message
36:44a2eacb7549 2013-09-26 okano to use latest mbed-lib
35:0b434ef4af49 2013-09-26 okano added: warning/error by compile option settings
34:eaca33d3e632 2013-09-26 okano [1]; fix: verification function was having a bug. 3/4 of the code was having chance of verification fail.; ; [2]; "ENABLE_WRITING" option added (see "_user_setting.h"). Verifying-only operation can be done with disabling this word
33:ce9fff4cbf09 2013-09-25 okano options of "ENABLE_VERIFYING" and "CHECK_CRP_CODE" are added in _user_settings.h.
32:3700d5df4e18 2013-09-24 okano CRP checking code added (not tested yet)
31:1a4d59d7bd72 2013-09-20 okano cleaner code :)
30:e0d7524661ca 2013-09-20 okano ** version 0.95. redundant code and files are removed
29:96e28bc1bd99 2013-09-20 okano parameter added to writing and verifying functions to report transferred size
28:689c3880e0e4 2013-09-20 okano made function returns error. LED1 and LED2 assigned to toggle by TX and RX
27:2b5c1eb39bb5 2013-09-19 okano {cannot be build} an a precess of clean-up
26:a63e73885b21 2013-09-13 okano code is still dirty but it works. I hope I will have chance to clean up some day...
25:33cb5ad8ae24 2013-09-13 okano dividing code into modules
24:9830b4f1207b 2013-09-13 okano deviding code into modules
23:017f306cf3ca 2013-09-13 okano dividing code into modules
22:bd98a782fba6 2013-09-13 okano dividing code into modules
21:e149d0bdbf4a 2013-09-13 okano "command_utilities" module made
20:98d7b5878e3e 2013-09-13 okano verification for uuencode type device (LPC1114) supported
19:7a7381e78025 2013-09-12 okano verification function is available for "BINARY transfer" device (LPC810)
18:b401da200216 2013-09-09 okano some comments edited
17:339f40a14f67 2013-09-09 okano version number updated to "0.7"
16:cac2348cfcfb 2013-09-09 okano mbed goes into "serial through mode" after ISP writing finished
15:051ca36cc64b 2013-08-28 okano wait removed before "reset_target( NO_ISP_MODE )"
14:a7b9f74fb856 2013-08-28 okano "AUTO_PROGRAM_START" option added.; Header comment modified in main.cpp
13:60995bf8b2c7 2013-08-28 okano corrected a bug of reset_target() function
12:5a33b5d39792 2013-08-27 okano Now this can write LPC810!
11:8dfc3217d1ca 2013-08-27 okano more flexible transfer size
10:90bd46dadeb4 2013-08-25 okano smallest RAM_WRITE_OFFSET for LPC1114FN28
9:ca4c9a2ac8e1 2013-08-25 okano target response timeout added. program will treat no response for 1 second as command-fail
8:b220fadbb3d8 2013-08-25 okano error abort added; redundant (old) #defines removed
7:815366f003ee 2013-08-25 okano functions are replaced
6:0ae6fe8c8512 2013-08-25 okano transfer size adjustment can be done automatically by detecting "part-ID".
5:ff30f5b58617 2013-08-25 okano target_table_added
4:55f1977bd11a 2013-08-25 okano going to be more generic for transfer size
3:3c380e643e74 2013-08-24 okano warning surpressed :)
2:8d75eb0ecd20 2013-08-24 okano console message redundancy removed
1:54e619428ae6 2013-08-24 okano ISP checksum addition
0:6baefda2e511 2013-08-24 okano code for ISP function test. just very dirty code ;)