This is the SparkFun_VL53L1X_Arduino_Library translated into mbed, with some elements of Ian Kilburn's VL6180x mbed library.

Dependents:   Hug2Go_ver_2 Nucleo_rtos_basic_f103rb


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6:621552ff1de9 2018-07-27 jvfausto Now begin() is a boolean default tip
5:aa8cc9e87216 2018-07-27 jvfausto It works now
4:2c3181cc4e98 2018-07-27 jvfausto At least it blinks now
3:a7f10344f941 2018-07-20 jvfausto fkljdl;
2:fbaee2407103 2018-07-20 jvfausto Hi Christian
1:0d762892f7af 2018-07-19 jvfausto Working a little bit
0:03b7e8deb3ee 2018-07-18 jvfausto VL53L1X mbed