Freescale Quadcopter with Freedom K64F Board

Dependencies:   FXAS21000 FXLS8471Q FXOS8700Q MAG3110 MMA8652 MPL3115A2 mbed kalman mbed-dsp

Fork of Freescale_Multi-Sensor_Shield by Shields

Quadcopter based on Freescale FRDM-K64F, Freescale FRDM-FXS-9AXIS, Hobbypower X525 V3 Quadcopter Foldable Kit with 1000KV Motors and SimonK 30A ESC /media/uploads/julioefajardo/1.jpg

Revisions of mbed-dsp.lib

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4:1bc3ca07a412 2015-09-01 Version 0.2; Kalman Filter and CMSIS-DSP File  Diff  Annotate