Example of using file interfaces for mDot

Dependencies:   libmDot-mbed5

Fork of BackupRegisterExample by Jason Reiss


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27:0bc6554f0bad 2018-02-07 jreiss initial commit default tip
26:99458ed6fd31 2018-02-04 jreiss simplify example;
25:2ddd7643c423 2018-02-04 jreiss make backup register example
24:d80afce304c6 2017-07-11 Mike Fiore change ret in send_data() to signed
23:4c494ddeb4fd 2017-06-30 Mike Fiore add setup script for linux/mac - clones ISL29011 library
22:d9bc10bbc433 2017-06-29 mfiore support IN865 channel plan. update mbed-os to 5.4.7
21:09d05faf0e13 2017-06-09 Mike Fiore update Dot-Examples to support Dot 3.x.x releases - new channel plans, LBT, & external channel plan functionality. Also a few bug fixes.
20:9ea0f3385ab3 2017-05-16 Mike Fiore remove libxDot
19:f8c29f84178b 2017-04-26 pferland Updated to mbed-os 5.4.2
18:b7da620f9ae3 2016-11-18 mfiore remove extra file
17:d4f82e16de5f 2016-11-01 mfiore update to mbed-os 5.1.5 (compatible with latest Dot 2.x library <2.0.16) and add note about Dot library requirement
16:a3832552dfe1 2016-10-19 Mike Fiore print mbed-os library version in examples
15:364df461110f 2016-10-11 Mike Fiore disable ACKs and enable network link checks for OTA and AUTO_OTA examples
14:19fae4509473 2016-10-11 Mike Fiore use custom event handler in all examples so RX data is displayed when received
13:f1d1ef71b3c4 2016-10-11 Mike Fiore update .hgignore
12:ec9768677cea 2016-10-11 Mike Fiore default configuration and session in each example when starting for the first time
11:d2e31743433a 2016-10-11 Mike Fiore add peer to peer example
10:4d0b765f7b9e 2016-10-10 Mike Fiore add class C example, clean up configuration display
9:72d3203279b2 2016-10-07 Mike Fiore save configuration after updating
8:e667f4a507b1 2016-10-07 Mike Fiore add manual join mode example
7:724cb82a113e 2016-10-07 Mike Fiore in sleep mode configure external IOs to achieve lowest possible current consumption
6:036c54a26c30 2016-10-07 Mike Fiore added .hgignore
5:97ed5f2f099e 2016-10-07 Mike Fiore add support for using network ID and KEY instead of name and passphrase
4:93579eb88fcd 2016-10-06 mfiore display network EUI and KEY as well as name and passphrase
3:0e3e776e2862 2016-10-06 mfiore update default credentials
2:ffac7b141b72 2016-10-06 mfiore save configuration so AUTO_OTA example works properly. clarify some comments and logging.
1:c4915e00d2ce 2016-10-06 mfiore update ISL29011 - remove enable/disable IRQ calls.; set deep_sleep to true in AUTO_OTA example.; only display frequency sub band in applicable frequency bands.
0:a151a6350d7f 2016-10-05 mfiore initial commit of OTA and AUTO_OTA examples