this version has all of Jim's fixes for reading the GPS and IMU data synchronously

Dependencies:   MODSERIAL SDFileSystem mbed SDShell CRC CommHandler FP LinkedList LogUtil


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
30:96d133f3008e 2014-03-03 jekain314 commit of RT_Download. default tip
29:dead10cce6e9 2014-01-09 jekain314 initial commit
28:fcea53fcc712 2013-11-13 jekain314 latest code 11/13/2013
27:94a6f0589993 2013-06-21 sam_grove added comments to main.cpp
26:c2208b0ff78b 2013-06-21 jekain314 some changes by jek before sg comments
25:2287bd8c9877 2013-06-20 jekain314 added protection for GPS time computation when CRC failure occurs
24:353322495742 2013-05-27 jekain314 POSVEL lat & lon transferred with 6 fraction digits rather than 5.
23:aff4bc6bf658 2013-05-23 sam_grove Updated CommHandler (no functional changes - just documentation). Tested new SDShell and "du" implementation is now as it originally should have been.
22:1cbdbc856660 2013-05-19 jekain314 added WMsg to all messages to PC to improve startup. Blink LEDs on 1PPS to indicate main loop activity
21:37551baf69c6 2013-05-14 jekain314 Moved CRC functions from OEM615.h to crc.cpp/h. Also updated SDShell and un-nested the dependencies because of a merge issue. Will nest later when the code is more fully vetted.
20:3f04a0bde484 2013-05-14 jekain314 adjusted download procedures to get more insight into occasional failures.
19:26c5298a7138 2013-05-13 jekain314 Fixed SDShell (fixed LinkedList) that hung the deconstructor. Since the object was local to a function the bug in remove reared it's head.
18:111025f447d8 2013-05-10 jekain314 more attempts to orderly shutdown from the sdshell
17:71900da6ced6 2013-05-09 jekain314 added attempts to shut down and restart smoothly
16:2aea22130ba1 2013-05-08 jekain314 incorporated SDShell and verified basic functionality with mbed_test - working, sg-
15:f3b92958cf5a 2013-05-07 jekain314 removed a few printf's at the start t speed up PC synchronization.
14:009d4671f0e3 2013-05-06 jekain314 code from latest testing. Possibly no changes from last code.
13:d5026299c54e 2013-05-06 sam_grove updated comments;
12:c2f60b3ceb74 2013-05-06 jekain314 Merged program to add SDShell
11:88efc6048237 2013-05-06 jekain314 some changes were made here...
10:37ff5b97cf98 2013-05-05 jekain314 tinkered with the termination process.
9:893481b2e488 2013-05-05 jekain314 tweaked parameters for the trigger message receive. Used to test with mbed_test where 250 images collected.
8:11ce2bdd3bbd 2013-05-06 sam_grove Added SDShell into program
7:1bec23c68a3c 2013-05-06 sam_grove made changes to PCMessage and main for the log tx'fer
6:71da5b99de97 2013-05-05 jekain314 the logic for receiving PC messages was revised. Now we look for a 4-byte preamble (WMsg) as a message start and do a reset if we don't find a sequence of these 4 bytes at an assumed start of a message.
5:2ce1be9d4bef 2013-05-04 jekain314 fix possible error in the message buffer overrun.
4:dda2ab5cc643 2013-05-04 jekain314 correction to trigger fire logic to get rid of the 10msec Wait() in the main loop. Tested with mbed_test with 250 images collected at 15 sec intervals.
3:e1a884e5325a 2013-05-03 jekain314 added WMsg to front of startup messages cause these are expected by the PC connection procedures.
2:7039be3daf6e 2013-05-03 jekain314 Added an auto file-open when POSVEL message is received. Added auto-close when the elapsed time between POSVEL messages is > 60sec This reduces the necessary startup procedures on the PC side. Also prevents loss of data if the PC fails.
1:8e24e633f8d8 2013-04-30 jekain314 Jim's version dated 30-apr-13
0:432b860b6ff7 2013-04-22 jekain314 does not work yet with mbed_test. Correctly collects GPS and IMU data.