this version has all of Jim's fixes for reading the GPS and IMU data synchronously

Dependencies:   MODSERIAL SDFileSystem mbed SDShell CRC CommHandler FP LinkedList LogUtil

--- a/main.cpp	Mon May 06 20:32:01 2013 +0000
+++ b/main.cpp	Tue May 07 13:49:28 2013 +0000
@@ -154,16 +154,16 @@
     //originally planned to use this to command the IMU data
     //char ch8[] = "FREQUENCYOUT enable 10000 1000000";
-    toPC.printf("WMsg set serial config \n");
+    //toPC.printf("WMsg set serial config \n");
     sendASCII(ch7, sizeof(ch7)); wait_ms(500);
     //sendASCII(ch0, sizeof(ch0));  
-    toPC.printf("WMsg unlog all messages \n");
+    //toPC.printf("WMsg unlog all messages \n");
     sendASCII(ch1, sizeof(ch1)); wait_ms(500);
-    toPC.printf("WMsg log BESTPOSB on COM1 \n");
+    //toPC.printf("WMsg log BESTPOSB on COM1 \n");
     sendASCII(ch3, sizeof(ch3)); wait_ms(500);
-    toPC.printf("WMsg log BESTVELB on COM1\n");
+    //toPC.printf("WMsg log BESTVELB on COM1\n");
     sendASCII(ch4, sizeof(ch4)); wait_ms(500);
-    toPC.printf("WMsg log RANGEB on COM1\n");
+    //toPC.printf("WMsg log RANGEB on COM1\n");
     sendASCII(ch5, sizeof(ch5)); wait_ms(500);
     //toPC.printf("log TIMEB om COM1 \n");
@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@
     //sendASCII(ch8, sizeof(ch8)); wait_ms(500);
     //set GPS output COM1 to the final high rate
-    toPC.printf("WMsg set the COM ports to high rate\n");
+    //toPC.printf("WMsg set the COM ports to high rate\n");
     sendASCII(ch2, sizeof(ch2)); wait_ms(500);
     //set the mbed COM port to match the GPS transmit rate