HID-over-GATT implementation with the BLE API. This library allows to create devices such as mouse, keyboard or joystick, over Bluetooth Low Energy.

Dependents:   BLENano_HID BLE_HID_MouseScrollDemo BLE_HID_KeyboardStreamDemo Shervs_TestKeyboard_TinyBLE ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for BLE_HID


KeyboardService HID-over-Gatt keyboard service
KeyBuffer Buffer used to store keys to send
MouseService HID-over-Gatt mouse service


HIDServiceBase.cpp [code]
HIDServiceBase.h [code]
JoystickService.h [code]
Keyboard_types.h [code]
KeyboardService.h [code]
MouseService.h [code]
USBHID_Types.h [code]