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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
71:7ec3cb6bbcc4 2013-11-29 jalp89 ... default tip
70:673126e12c73 2013-11-18 bogdanm Release 70 of the mbed library
69:4a7918f48478 2013-11-18 emilmont Release 69 of the med library
68:f37f3b9c9f0b 2013-10-23 bogdanm Bug fixes and new features
67:a9913a65894f 2013-09-19 bogdanm New mbed build with various bugfixes and improvements on all platforms.
66:9c8f0e3462fb 2013-08-19 bogdanm New mbed library build with support for LPC1114.
65:5798e58a58b1 2013-08-12 bogdanm New target (LPC4088), new features (interrupt chaining), bug fixes (KL25Z I2C).
64:e3affc9e7238 2013-08-05 bogdanm New build system structure, new target (LPC1347), bug fixes (I2C read/write errors, LPC11U24 memory map and others)
63:b3110cd2dd17 2013-05-08 samux spi slave and i2c slave support
62:7e6c9f46b3bd 2013-04-17 emilmont Add NXP LPC812
61:5e5da4a5990b 2013-03-05 emilmont [KL25Z] Fix "us_ticker_set_interrupt".
60:3d0ef94e36ec 2013-02-19 emilmont Add Freescale FRDM-KL25Z
59:0883845fe643 2013-02-18 emilmont Add pinmap NC terminators for LPC1768 CAN.
58:0954ebd79f59 2013-01-21 emilmont [IAR] Position Stack and Heap in the same ordered block, reserve memory area for NVIC.
57:0480438fc29c 2013-01-18 emilmont Add semihosting support for IAR toolchain
56:3753e96f3c8b 2013-01-16 emilmont Add IAR build for LPC1768
55:d722ed6a4237 2013-01-16 emilmont Include "sleep_api.h" in "mbed.h"
54:71b101360fb9 2013-01-08 emilmont Support "stream as file" use case
53:63cdd78b2dc1 2012-12-06 emilmont I2C LPC: fix status after start bit
52:09236a68d21b 2012-12-06 emilmont Fix a bug in the LPC1768 interrupt in handler
51:a076018f59af 2012-12-06 emilmont Duplicate Serial enums for backward compatibility
50:b60934f96c0c 2012-11-30 emilmont Do not generate error in the InterruptIn constructor in case of NC pin
49:eeb8a2a33ec9 2012-11-29 emilmont Rename "debug.h" to "mbed_debug.h" to avoid include clashes
48:49c296715c73 2012-11-28 emilmont Fix "opendir"
47:134def52cfa0 2012-11-27 emimon01 Add a debug API
46:890817bdcffb 2012-11-26 emimon01 Update CMSIS-CORE to v3.02
45:3d775a932e1d 2012-11-22 emilmont Fix serial interrupt handler for LPC1768
44:24d45a770a51 2012-11-21 emilmont Complete refactoring of the mbed library to move the target dependent code to a thin well defined layer, defining a proper object oriented C API to be implemented by the different silicon vendors.
43:e2ed12d17f06 2012-10-26 emilmont Update documentation
42:cd19af002ccc 2012-08-29 emilmont InterruptIn fixes
41:10b9abbe79a6 2012-07-12 emilio.monti@arm.com Add export builds
40:976df7c37ad5 2012-06-12 emilmont First build for the new build system
39:737756e0b479 2012-03-12 emilmont [12 March 2012] Update CMSIS core to V3.0
38:4c0c40fd0593 2012-02-22 emilmont delete extra libraries
37:14f4805c468c 2012-02-07 emilmont [07 February 2012] Make sure mbed stdio retargeting get always linked in
36:b4b9f287a47e 2012-01-26 emilmont [26 January 2012] Fix M0 sleep
35:5284544d04b6 2012-01-24 emilmont [24 January 2012] Revert configuration changes to system_LPC17xx.c ?\008. Add I2C timeout.
34:7495d544864f 2012-01-24 emilmont [24 January 2012] Fix SPI set frequency rounding
33:5364839841bd 2012-01-10 emilmont [10 January 2012] CAN::attach template. CMSIS updates.
32:3b05dd009342 2012-01-06 emilmont [06 January 2012] Add a workaround to bypass the microlib file system
31:a7ef757f598c 2012-01-06 emilmont [06 January 2012] Minor fixes
30:3991a86798e3 2012-01-04 emilmont Add latest ARM GCC toolchain build
29:078e4b97a13e 2011-12-09 emilmont increase PWMs from 4 to 11
28:667d61c9177b 2011-12-08 emilmont Add additional M0 peripherals implementations, fix GCC stdio/uart
27:7110ebee3484 2011-11-29 emilmont New Libraries 11.11
26:63bcd7ba4912 2011-02-11 simon Update Ticker Events to support manipulation from within their own event
25:9a9732ce53a1 2011-01-25 simon Maintenance update:
24:e2ac27c8e93e 2010-09-03 simon * Make PortOut, PortInOut transitions happen at same time
23:74b8d43b5817 2010-08-26 simon * Fixes Timout/Ticker re-attach bug
22:9114680c05da 2010-07-08 simon * CAN updates
21:3944f1e2fa4f 2010-06-17 simon * CAN fixes
20:029aa53d7323 2010-06-03 simon * Add SPISlave, SPIHalfDuplex, SerialHalfDuplex
19:e6be4cd80aad 2010-05-18 simon * Fix DigitalIn::mode()
18:b3c9f16cbb96 2010-05-17 simon.ford@mbed.co.uk * Digital I/O speed improved
17:49a220cc26e0 2009-12-01 simon.ford@mbed.co.uk * Update LPC1768 clock to 96MHz
16:32af5db564d4 2009-11-17 simon.ford@mbed.co.uk Update to fix bug in Serial interrupts for UART1-3
15:d1a9de3f4fe0 2009-11-16 simon.ford@mbed.co.uk * Update Serial to support primitive interrupt event
14:20a79241b4a0 2009-10-28 rolf.meyer@arm.com mbed integrates the rtc
13:a0336ede94ce 2009-09-23 rolf.meyer@arm.com SPI and MCI fix
12:f63353af7be8 2009-09-03 rolf.meyer@arm.com Some missing changes ;-)