Joystick enabled version of USBHID -library. Has full Playstation 3 functionality including button pressures and a working home-button implementation, while maintaining full PC/MAC/linux -compatibility. basic operation of the lib: #include "mbed.h" #include "usbhid.h" USBJoystick joystick; int main() { while(1) { char dpad = 0xf; /*only the rightmost 4 bits matter*/ short button = 0xff; /*only the rightmost 13 bits matter*/ /*buttons are square, cross, circle, triangle, l1, r1, l2, r2, l3, r3, home.*/ char stick1x = 0; char stick1y = 0; char stick2x = 0; char stick2y = 0; joystick.joystick(dpad, buttons, stick1x, stick1y, stick2x, stick2y); wait_ms(5); } }



File content as of revision 0:237d5ef643e9:

/* usbdc.h */
/* USB device controller */
/* Copyright (c) Phil Wright 2008 */

#ifndef USBDC_H
#define USBDC_H

/* Endpoints */
#define EP0OUT  (0) /* Control */
#define EP0IN   (1) /* Control */
#define EP1OUT  (2) /* Interrupt */
#define EP1IN   (3) /* Interrupt */
#define EP2OUT  (4) /* Bulk */
#define EP2IN   (5) /* Bulk */

#include "mbed.h"

class usbdc : public Base 
    void connect(void);
    void disconnect(void);
    void setAddress(unsigned char address);
    void realiseEndpoint(unsigned char endpoint, unsigned long maxPacket);
    void enableEndpointEvent(unsigned char endpoint);
    void disableEndpointEvent(unsigned char endpoint);
    void stallEndpoint(unsigned char endpoint);
    void unstallEndpoint(unsigned char endpoint);
    bool getEndpointStallState(unsigned char endpoint);
    void configureDevice(void);
    void unconfigureDevice(void);
    unsigned long endpointRead(unsigned char endpoint, unsigned char *buffer);
    void endpointWrite(unsigned char endpoint, unsigned char *buffer, unsigned long size);
    void enableEvents(void);
    void disableEvents(void);    
    virtual void deviceEventReset(void);
    virtual void deviceEventFrame(void); 
    virtual void endpointEventEP0Setup(void);
    virtual void endpointEventEP0In(void);
    virtual void endpointEventEP0Out(void);
    virtual void endpointEventEP1In(void);
    virtual void endpointEventEP1Out(void);    
    virtual void endpointEventEP2In(void);
    virtual void endpointEventEP2Out(void);        
    void SIECommand(unsigned long command);
    void SIEWriteData(unsigned char data);
    unsigned char SIEReadData(unsigned long command);
    void setDeviceStatus(unsigned char status);
    void setEndpointStatus(unsigned char endpoint, unsigned char status);    
    unsigned char getDeviceStatus(void);
    unsigned char selectEndpoint(unsigned char endpoint);
    unsigned char selectEndpointClearInterrupt(unsigned char endpoint);
    unsigned char clearBuffer(void);
    void validateBuffer(void);
    void usbisr(void);
    unsigned long endpointStallState;
    static void _usbisr(void);
    static usbdc *instance;