RTOS enabled i2c-driver based on the official i2c-C-api.

Dependencies:   mbed-rtos

Fork of mbed-RtosI2cDriver by Helmut Schmücker

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for I2cRtosDriver


I2CDriver I2C driver based on mbed RTOS and I2C-C-API
I2CMasterRtos I2C master interface to the RTOS-I2CDriver
I2CSlaveRtos I2C slave interface to the RTOS-I2CDriver


I2CDriver.cpp [code]
I2CDriver.h [code]
I2CDriverTest01.h [code]
I2CDriverTest02.h [code]
I2CDriverTest03.h [code]
I2CDriverTest04.h [code]
I2CDriverTest05.h [code]
I2CMasterRtos.h [code]
i2cRtos_api.c [code]
i2cRtos_api.h [code]
I2CSlaveRtos.h [code]