HTTP Server serving a simple webpage which enables to remotely turn LED1 on/off. Compile, download, run and type 'IP_address/secret/' (don't forget the last '/') into your web browser and hit ENTER.

Dependencies:   W5500Interface mbed

Turn LED1, or other digital output, on/off using a web browser.

In this example we create a HTTP server that will serve a simple Web page to remotely turn LED1, or other digital output on the mbed board, on/off by using a web browser. A WIZ550io module or W5500 Network-Shielld is used to assure connection between the mbed module and the Ethernet network (Internet).

Needed parts:

  • mbed board
  • WIZ550io module or W5500 Network-Shield
  • Wires
  • Web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome ...) running on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone or Android device.

The project was inspired by the Tuxgraphics Web Switch. Thank you Guido!


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