3.5" inch TFT LCD Display Module 480X320 driven with FSMC.

TFT LCD Display Module 480X320 driven with FSMC

I have recently bought a 3.5" inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Display Module 480X320 with a www.mcufriend.com label on the back side. The display was equipped with an 8bit parallel interface. First I decided to test it with the UniGraphic library using the BUS_8 protocol. The display was very slow but improved when I switched to the PAR_8 protocol. Because I heard about the possibility to use a Flexible Static Memory Controller (FSMC), built into some STM MCU's, to drive LCD's (read/write to LCD's memory rather than to an external SRAM) I thought it would be a fun to try it out.


Below is the brief story of what I did:

  • Selected FSMC in the Connectivity category and configured it as below: https://os.mbed.com/media/uploads/hudakz/arch_max_fsmc_conf.png
  • Let the STM32CubeIDE generate the code (files).
  • Created a new program for the Seeed Arch Max target in the Mbed Online Compiler by selecting a mbed os blinky template.
  • Replaced the main.cpp with the main.c content of the STM32CubeIDE project.
  • Copy & Pasted the other files with codes from the STM32CubeIDE project to the online compiler project.
  • Renamed and modified:
    "stm32f4xx_it.h" to "stm32f4xx_it_msp.h"
    "stm32f4xx_it.c" to "stm32f4xx_it_msp.c"
  • Added the UniGraphic library to the online compiler project.
  • Extended the UniGraphic library with a FSMC_8 protocol and replaced the TFT::set_orientation(int orient) function with the one used by mcufriend for arduino.
  • Modified the main.cpp as needed.


STM32F407VETFT LCD module
PD_14 (DB00)LCD_D0
PD_15 (DB01)LCD_D1
PD_0 (DB02)LCD_D2
PD_1 (DB03)LCD_D3
PE_7 (DB04)LCD_D4
PE_8 (DB05)LCD_D5
PE_9 (DB06)LCD_D6
PE_10 (DB07)LCD_D7

Execution times
Used protocolBUS_8FSMC_8
Operation \ Timemsms
8bit BMP63.80541.338
Large Font163.8727.895
Sparce pixels2072.265/1458.05174.107/52.168
16bit BMP2288.58959.904