Lightweight SD card FAT file system. Originaled by chan

Petit FAT File System for LPC1114

originaled by elm

If you want to use except LPC1114, you can change pin definitions at mmcPinConfig.h

more detail and original code at

This library is NOT compatible with mbed official SDFileSystem



File content as of revision 0:845390b117a7:

/* Integer type definitions for FatFs module */

#ifndef _INTEGER
#define _INTEGER

#ifdef _WIN32	/* FatFs development platform */

#include <windows.h>
#include <tchar.h>

#else			/* Embedded platform */

/* These types must be 16-bit, 32-bit or larger integer */
typedef int				INT;
typedef unsigned int	UINT;

/* These types must be 8-bit integer */
typedef char			CHAR;
typedef unsigned char	UCHAR;
typedef unsigned char	BYTE;

/* These types must be 16-bit integer */
typedef short			SHORT;
typedef unsigned short	USHORT;
typedef unsigned short	WORD;
typedef unsigned short	WCHAR;

/* These types must be 32-bit integer */
typedef long			LONG;
typedef unsigned long	ULONG;
typedef unsigned long	DWORD;