This program utilizes the mcr20 Thread Shield on the FRDM-K64F MCU which is a two-part workspace (HVAC Server (RX)/Probe(TX)) to handle low temperature events read at the probe(s) to prevent pipes from freezing.

Dependencies:   fsl_phy_mcr20a fsl_smac mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of mcr20_wireless_uart by NXP


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
29:be24c0c29f17 2017-03-30 haircules SmartPipe HVAC Server default tip
28:2555c5ae3ccd 2015-08-18 andreikovacs Added fsl_phy_mcr20a and fsl_smac libraries
27:1eb29717bfd9 2015-06-29 andreikovacs Changed app to behave like the initial Wireless UART demo
26:56ca40dcfae1 2015-06-23 andreikovacs Added Freescale Connectivity Framework memory allocator
25:f40bc034cd8b 2015-04-28 sam_grove Add mem pool management. Dont use malloc with ARM std lib in IRQ context.
24:088286081619 2015-04-25 FSL\B36402 minor updates, IAR working
23:6f13fea3cace 2015-04-25 FSL\B36402 First version working with IAR
22:7703e6571f21 2015-04-24 cotigac Updated __disable_irq, __enable_irq issue
21:8a238b2c42d0 2015-04-24 FSL\B36402 Fixed __disable_irq and __enable_irq issue in IAR
20:933513bba8a1 2015-04-04 cotigac minor typo fix
19:71b793021c78 2015-04-04 cotigac Added SMAC code
18:b02fc0e53df8 2015-04-03 cotigac Started creating wireless uart demo based on mbed-rtos
17:52cfd7db8da3 2015-03-18 cotigac fixed compiling issues
16:549f2f246ece 2015-03-15 cotigac Minor updates to compile also online
15:990a8b5664e1 2015-03-15 FSL\B36402 Integrated PHY version from the official K64F+MCR20A package
14:a1b249761bcc 2015-03-08 cotigac Reverted to ATMEL version temporary
13:4fa8e504061f 2015-03-08 cotigac Temporary reverted back to Atmel RF Drivers
12:4446d8228309 2015-03-05 FSL\B36402 updates mcr20 drv
11:e15d0d27f7a5 2015-03-05 sam_grove sync changes from offline and online
10:756e09ed359c 2015-03-05 cotigac Updated MCR20 drv
9:904334e768eb 2015-03-05 cotigac Updated MCR20 drv
8:e4c9f2b7a9d2 2015-03-05 sam_grove rename directories;
7:d70f8086a89b 2015-03-05 sam_grove merging and delete dir;
6:01d070bc1c26 2015-03-05 sam_grove rename atmel files but leave directory
5:69f1634cd40b 2015-03-05 FSL\B36402 Adding new files for MCR20
4:d47832caea44 2015-03-05 sam_grove updates
3:a38ad504a18c 2015-03-05 sam_grove Delete multi use functions and update mbed library - exporters for IAR now working again
2:3e7685cfb2a7 2015-03-05 sam_grove Updating to techcon demo program
1:6055c6873f85 2015-03-03 crivera testing ability to commit
0:01fb291427ce 2015-03-03 sam_grove Initial commit