Adding crp to your prototypes(Don't use it for mbed.You can easily make your mbed get bricked

First you need hex editor to edit your *.bin file i used free version of Hex Editor Neo ( Open your bin file with hex editor. As you see in hex editor thse same as your mbed flash memory. So go to 0x000002fc you see the default value of 0xffffffff (ff ff ff ff) and change it to 0x12345678 for crp1, 0x87654321 for crp2 and becareful for crp3 0x43218765 then save bin file. If you use bintohex converter like me to load the code to ur mcu go ahead with this notebook( Becareful for crp3 if you make a crp protection and your code doesnt have any iap code for clearing the crp protection, say bye bye to your mcu. And read about crp. P.S. I know it must be crp, not crp protection :) crp(Code Read Protection)

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