LPC1768 Mini-DK - NXP Segger emWin

I modified The NXP MCB 1700 emWin code from Segger to run on the Mini-DK.

We only need to change 2 files: LCD_X_SPI.c and LCDConf.c

Currently, this is a Keil uVision 4 project.

emWin info : http://www.lpcware.com/content/project/emwin-graphics-library


An mbed port is available at the Embedded Artists page:

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30 Apr 2014

Hello Mr.f. Vannieuwkerke.

Does emwin run on mbed?. I would like to try it om mbed with TFT SPI LCD. if possible, can you share it?

Best regards. Isma

30 Apr 2014

Hi Isma Ben,

emWin can be used with mbed - see the Embedded Artists notebook page at
Do read the entire notebook page as source code restrictions apply.

30 Apr 2014

Hi Frank Vannieuwkerke,

thank you for your reply and for the link. il will read it.

regards isma

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