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File content as of revision 1:e88bf5011af6:

int zeroRequestBuf=0;
int runRequestBuf=0;

// define cycle variable related to the external command
int oldTractorSpeedRead=0;
int startCycle=0;                   // activate motors and functions 
int enableCycle=0;                  // enable regular cycle
int zeroCycle=0;                    // azzeramento motori richiesto
int OldStartCycle=0;                // use for triggering command change
int OldEnableCycle=0;
int oldZeroCycle=0;                 // memoria azzeramento motori su richiesta
int zeroCycleEnd=0;                 // ciclo di azzeramento completato
int zeroTrigger=0;
int TBzeroPinInput=0;            // segnale invertito micro tamburo 
int seedWheelZeroPinInput=0;    // segnale invertito sensore ruota di semina
int SD_faultA=0;
int SD_faultB=0;
int DC_brake=1;
int DC_forward=1;

int oldFaseLavoro=0;

// define logic internal variables
double tractorSpeed_MtS_timed=0.0f;   // tractor speed calculated from pulse interval time
double speedForDisplay[5]={0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f};
double totalSpeed=0.0f;
double OLDpulseSpeedInterval=1000.01f;   // tractor speed calculated from pulse interval time
double pulseDistance=0.0f;            // linear space between pulse
double pulseDistanceCalc=0.0f;
double speedPerimeter=0.0f;           // perimeter of tractor speed wheel 
double seedPerimeter=0.0f;            // perimeter of seed wheel 
double mediaSpeed[5]={0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f};
int pntMedia=0;
int actualPulseReadTimer=0;             // timer read at previous pulse
double pulseSpeedInterval=0.0f;            // delta time of pulse
int lastPulseRead=0;
int oldLastPulseRead=0;
int pulseRised=0;                    // pulse from speed wheel occured. Define when is possible to determine speed of up down motor. 
int pulseRised1 = 0;
int pulseRised2 = 0;
                                     // Set from interrupt routine and Reset from main after up down motor speed calculated
double rapportoRuote = 0.0f;
double TBrpm = 0.0f;
double TBfrequency = 0.0f;
double TBperiod = 0.0f;
double oldPeriodoTB = 0.0f;
int SDzeroCyclePulse=0;
int TBzeroCyclePulse=0;
int SDzeroed=0;
int TBzeroed=0;
int oldOnSDzero=0;
int oldOnTBzero=0;
int oldOffSDzero=0;
int oldOffTBzero=0;
int SDzeroPinTrig=0;
int TBzeroPinTrig=0;
int SDzeroDebounced=0;
int SDrunZero=0;
int TBrunZero=0;
int syncroCheck=0;
double memoStepTB=0.0f;
double erroreSyncro=0.0f;
double errorePercentuale=1.0f;
int oldSeedWheelZeroPinInput=0;
int oldTBzeroPinInput=0;
int stopCicloTB = 0;
int startCicloTB = 0;
int cicloTbinCorso = 0;
int beccoPronto =0;
int memoIntraPick=0;

double realSpeed = 0.0f;
double realGiroSD = 0.0f;
double tempoBecco = 0.0f;
double frequenzaReale = 0.0f;
double semiPeriodoReale = 0.0f;
double tempoTraBecchi_mS = 0.0f;
double tempoGiroSD = 0.0f;

// variable for speed and step calculation
uint32_t prePosSD=0;        // actual position of seed wheel (step of motor)
uint32_t SDactualPosition=0;        // actual position of seed wheel (step of motor)
uint32_t TBactualPosition=0;

int cycleStopRequest=0;             // when cycle end request the zero of SD and UD

double duty_DC=0.0f;
double oldDuty_DC=0.0f;

double dcActualDuty = 0.0f;  // valore di lavoro del duty cycle
double correzione = 0.0f;
double periodo =0.0f;
double ePpos = 0.0f;
int aspettaStart=1;
int countCicli=0;
uint32_t fase = 0;

int clocca=0;
int enableSDcontrol=0;
int enableSpeed=0;
double speedOfSeedWheel =0.0f;
int lowSpeed = 0;
double valore=0.0f;
//char val1[8]={0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};

uint8_t enableSimula=0;
uint8_t speedSimula=0;
uint8_t avviaSimula=0;
double oldSimulaSpeed=0.0f;
int selezionato =0;
int simOk=0;

float SD_CurrentAnalog=0.0f;                    // valore di corrente sull'ingresso
float SD_CurrentScaled=0.0f;                    // valore di corrente convertito in scala
float SD_CurrentFactor=40.0f;                   // fattore di scala sensore 40mV/A
float SD_CurrentPeak=0.0f;                      // valore massimo corrente
float SD_CurrentMid=0.0f;                       // valore medio corrente
float SD_CurrentLast=0.0f;                      // valore precedente corrente
float SD_CurrentStart=0.0f;                     // valore a vuoto corrente (circa il 50% della tensione di alimentazione del sensore)
bool reduceCurrent=false;
bool incrementCurrent=false;
double boostDcOut=0.0f;

float SD_analogMatrix[21]={0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f};
int SD_analogIndex[11]={0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
int frenata=0;
int accensione=1;
double SDsectorStep =0.0f;
double TBsectorStep = 0.0f;
double KcorT = 0.0f;

int trigSD=0;
int trigTB=0;
int inhibit=0;
int trigCicli=0;
int avvicinamento=0;
int lowSpeedRequired=0;

uint8_t alarmHighRegister=0x00;
uint8_t alarmLowRegister=0x00;
double TBgiroStep=0.0f;
int firstStart=1;
int timeHole=0;
int memoTimeHole=0;
int lockStart=0;

uint8_t quincStart=0;
uint8_t quincStop=0;
uint8_t oldQuincIn=0;
double scostamento = 0.0f;
double scostamento2 = 0.0f;
double quincError = 0.0f;
uint8_t quincEnable=0;
uint8_t quincCnt=0;
double memoDutyStop=0.0f;
uint8_t trigStop=0;
double propoQuinc=0.0f;
//uint8_t accelera=0;
uint8_t decelera=0;
double percento=0.0f;
double memoDuty=0.0f;
uint32_t masterSinc=0;
uint8_t quincVerify=0;
bool trigDaMaster=false;
bool trigSlave= false;
bool quincInibit=false;
bool quincClock=false;
bool correggiSD=false;
double oldQuincTimeSD=0.0f;
double oldCorrezione=0.0f;
bool quincMemoEnable=false;
uint8_t cntQuinc=0;
                                                // se indefinito utilizza il tamburo ortogonale per i semi di zucca
double stepGrado = 0.0f;
double TBfaseStep =0.0f;
int tamburoStandard=1;                          // tamburo parallelo alla ruota di semina
int speedFromPick = 1;                          // definisce se il controllo di velocità della ruota di semina è gestita dai becchi (set a 1) o dai fori sul disco (set a 0)
double angoloPh=7.0f;
double angoloAv=0.0f;

uint8_t checkSDrotation=0;
uint8_t comandiDaCan=0;
uint8_t azzeraDaCan=0;
uint8_t loadDaCan=0;
uint8_t loadDaCanInCorso=0;
uint8_t cntCellsForLoad=0;
uint8_t trigRepos=0;
uint8_t forzaFase=0;
uint8_t erroreTamburo=0;
uint8_t cntCellsForReload=0;
uint8_t cntTbError=0;

uint8_t cellsCounterLow=0;
uint8_t cellsCounterHig=0;
uint8_t pickCounterLow=0;
uint8_t pickCounterHig=0;

uint8_t all_semiFiniti = 0;     // semi finiti (generato dal relativo sensore)
uint8_t all_pickSignal = 0;     // errore segnale becchi (generato dal tempo tra un becco ed il successivo)
uint8_t all_cellSignal = 0;     // errore segnale celle (generato dal sensore tamburo )
uint8_t all_lowBattery = 0;     // allarme batteria (valore interno di tritecnica)
uint8_t all_overCurrDC = 0;     // sovracorrente motore DC  (generato dal sensore di corrente)
uint8_t all_stopSistem = 0;     // sistema in stop (a tempo con ruota ferma)
uint8_t all_upElements = 0;     // elementi sollevati   (generato dal relativo sensore)
uint8_t all_noSeedOnCe = 0;     // fallanza di semina (manca il seme nella cella)
uint8_t all_cfgnErrors = 0;     // errore di configurazione     (incongruenza dei parametri impostati)
uint8_t all_noDcRotati = 0;     // ruota di semina bloccata (arriva la velocità ma non i becchi)
uint8_t all_noStepRota = 0;     // tamburo di semina bloccato   (comando il tamburo ma non ricevo il sensore)
uint8_t all_speedError = 0;     // errore sensore velocità  (tempo impulsi non costante)
uint8_t all_noSpeedSen = 0;     // mancanza segnale di velocità (sento i becchi ma non la velocita)
uint8_t all_no_Zeroing = 0;     // mancato azzeramento sistema (generato dal timeout del comando motore DC)
uint8_t all_genericals = 0;     // allarme generico
uint8_t resetComandi=0;