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Ticker TBticker;        // instance clock for seeding stepper
Timer  speedTimer;      // timer for reading time interval between speed pulse to calculate speed 
Timer intraPickTimer;   // timer for reading interval time from two picks
Timer intraEncoTimer;   // timer for reading interval time from two clock of DC encoder
Ticker SDticker;        // instance clock for Seed wheel virtual encoder
Ticker tftUpdate;       // ticker for update data of display
Ticker sincUpdate;      // ticker for update CAN data for quinconce sincronisation
Ticker currentCheck;    // ticker for verify DC motor current absorbtion
Timer  speedTimeOut;    // timer for stop motor after last speed pulse
Timer speedFilter;      // timer for speed trigger filtering
Timer seedFilter;       // timer for picks signal filtering
Timer TBfilter;         // timer for cells signal filtering
Timer sincroTimer;      // timer for picks real interval time 
Timer rotationTimeOut;  // timer for seed wheel zero timeout
Ticker canUpdate;       // timer for update standard CAN data
Ticker seedCorrection;  // ticker for run task which correct seeding sincronisation
Ticker spedSimclock;    // ticker for simulating speed
Timeout timeout;        // timeout for check DC current absorbion PWM sincronised 
Timer ritardoStop;      // timer for control DC stop sequence
Timer ritardoComandoStop;// timer for control DC stop sequence
Timer avvicinamentoOn;  // timer for control DC stop sequence
Timer avvicinamentoOff; // timer for control DC stop sequence
Timer ritardaLowSpeed;  // timer for switch delay from low speed to normal speed 
Timer metalTimer;       // timer for reading time from two hole into seed wheel
Timer timeOutZeroSD;    // time out for zero cycle of SD
Timer quincTime;        // timer for reading time from master picks and slave picks signal
Timer quincTimeSD;      // timer for reading time from slave picks and master picks signal
Timer SDwheelTimer;     // timer for alarm generation for SD wheel
Timer quincTimeSet;     // timer for SD fase stop position when quinconce activated
Timer zeroDelay;        // timer for activate zeroig cycle after tractor stop
Timer timeCurr;         // timer delay for DC overcurrent alarm generation