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I am writing this because it seems like the BMW 10 pin motorcycle connector is a bit of a mystery to a lot of people. So I have desided to document all my troubles. In hopes that if you are going to make some motorcycle project for your BMW you wont have to suffer like I did.

Current Info

So far I haven't made it too far... Below is a picture of the connector and table of it's values. In this picture we can be nearly 100% certain of the battery and ground, but the other two pins are some sort of Tx/Rx. The problem is I don't know how to start communication over the two wires. I will update when I've made more progress...


The bike is on a 12 volt system which can cause damage to circuit boards. Be sure you attach it appropriately!



Pin #Wire colorOhms with disconnected batteryVoltage with key offVoltage with key onLikely...OBDII Pin
1Green/Blue3.2 ohms0 V12.25 VSwitched Power1
2Red2.2 KOhms12.9 V12.32 VUnswitched Power16
3Brown0.4 Ohms0 V0 VGround4
4Brown/Black16 Ohms to 12.4 Ohms0.003 V11.2 VK-Line BMS/ABS7

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09 Mar 2013

Hello Eric , I have found this info which may be of interest to you . It seems the connector is a K L line interface and not a CAN bus one , at least as stated here .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igj4vt3UXBU

comment from the above video ... Pinout for OBD2 to S1000RR connector: *BMW connector is round and under rear seat. Pin numbers are marked if you can read fine print)

Description OBD-PIN ...... BMW-PIN

12 Volts..............16...................­6 (red wire in image)

Ground...............4..................­..4 (black wire in image)

L-Line................15................­..10 (yellow wire in image)

K-Line................7.................­...1 (Green wire in image)

Regards , Christos

23 Jul 2013

If it helps, the plug to fit the BMW socket is made by Kostal, called a truck connector, part number 50290742.

Have you got any further?

I have a car OBD scanner/reset tool and just simply want to reset the service indicator on my BMW F 800 GS WITHOUT paying £300 for the tool or going all the way to my bike dealer!!

Hope you get there!!

23 Jul 2013

That does help, but I cannot find anyone selling just one of them. Have you purchased one? If so, where?

16 Aug 2013

Hi nigel, I'm new in this forum.... You can use a generic obd2 reader that support iso protocol 9141/2 . Wire connection is only k line ... so you need to manually connect k line of obd2 reader and k line of bmw diagnostic connector... For note L line not present in this case it is used only for other kwp2000 protocol supported in other vehicle fiat etc ...

I remember that not all obd2 functions are supported by bmw bikes , i used my obd2 reader for check engine data in real time ...

I think but i'm not sure that for reset service indicator , you need a specific diagnostic reader , for example gs911 that it support bmw diagnostic protocol , it should be a protocol based on kwp2000 fast init always through k line .... but you are not able to access this diagnostic gateway through generic obd2 reader ....


09 Apr 2014

Does anyone have a list of what OBD PIDs come through ok?

15 Jan 2017

The fuel-injected K bikes began American sales in 1985. When were system scanners, comparable to OBDII, available? TIA!

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